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In Appreciation

Dear poets, oh my friends, you are blessed with much grace!
It’s your poems and comments that are making all my days.

When I’m up at crack of light I just linger for a while,
Check this corner, bide my time, see if there is poem fine.

So all night it seemed alive and my friends did make their best,
Posted poems and comments, talked and chatted while I slept.

And at last when I woke up I found treasures of true art,
Poems, verses, comments wise captured mind, some broke my heart.

Keep on writing, dear friends, fellow poets full of grace,
It’s your poems and comments that are making all my days.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2011
About this poem:
In appreciation of this little corner.

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Comments (7)

Marikia, like yourself, I get as much pleasure from reading peoples comments to mine and other's poems as I do the poems themselves!
A poem shows us the deep inner soul of it's writer, their comments show us the true human nature they possess.
It's sort of like a Tootsie Pop... The outside is covered with a fun, delicious candy covering, but the inside.... Oh My!!! CHOCOLATE!!! YUM!

So... all you Tootsie Pop Poets out there... just keep rolling them out for all of us to enjoy.... (Does "ANYONE" know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?) :-)

Marikia you're a real sweetheart and your "Honorary Poem" to the poets of this forum is VERY MUCH appreciated by "THIS" posting poet!

Thank You!!
niah9online today!
This poem isn't just sincere, it isn't cute either, it's well written.....nice one Marikia....Niahcheering teddybear
oh Thank YOU Dear Lady...
This much i hope you know;
The Arrow flies like the wind
Thanks to the mighty bow.

You are one of the Bows in this beautiful corner, always encouraging. Your poetry is also beautiful as you are.

Thank you with all my heart! That was a bit much of appreciation, wasn't it, dear poets? Don't make me blush.blushing smitten
Nice one are a true poetic stalwart on here and I for one appreciate both your poems and considered comments. cheers
I almost forgot.
This is lovely Marikia.When we truly appreciate each other it truly lights the way for goodness to swell everywhere.And you are right. This little corner always begives a smile and a laugh and ahhh and an ohhh. And make one feel we are not alone.teddybear teddybear teddybear
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