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The Journey

Peace flies to seven winds.
Eyes closed not blind.
Dreams never end.
Search for my kind.

Thunder shattering silence name.
Heart breaking left whole.
Loves search fruitless no blame.
Entwined two lonely souls.

Handsome man made of stone.
Strong hard standing tall.
Climbing far you me alone.
Hold me or let me fall.

Even tho your face I cannot see.
I will ride the winds if you set me free.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2011

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Comments (6)

Unique statue to say the least. If the ladies are looking for 'tall,' this dude ain't gonna let'em teddybear
Now Cafe if we are looking for tall or hard he can fill that order uh oh

Nice poem Happygo bouquet heart1teddybear
niah9online today!
That is impressive Happygolucky4u....and the poem them both...Kathyyay conversing
Thank you Ayhra. I decided to for go the picture and change the title. The poem is actually quite a serious one. And I do not want to take from the actual poem. teddybear
Thank you niahlaugh
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