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~Flutter the mist~

On the dock he sits
The hour is early
Steam off his coffee
Lake hosts scattered mist.

Gentle peace settles in
His mind places too
Years that have gone
To where he is now.

Harbour lights in fade
Four seasons a year
Some hosting smile
Others passing tear.

Loons in the distance
Echo the mist
Coffee's half full
Check marked......bucket list.

Hand reaches down
Tails in wag
Companions for years
Many more to share.

Children now grown in life of their own
Magnets capture crayoned past times
Cottage mantle setting of old photographs
His thoughts rekindled those smiles and laughs.

That first day he fished with his son aside
Vows they exchanged when he married his bride
Special moment when his first grandchild arrived
Feeling blessed to be healthy and spiritly live.

That morning on the dock with his coffee half full
A comfortable smile, a mind that found peace
Memorable moment's flutter the mist
No self regret he's settled within~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (10)

That was some poem Bentlee I ejoyed every year and could smell coffee from hereapplause peace
Very lovely Bentlee, how you doing? wave
Haven't seen you here for ages laugh
Your poem is just great, it reminded me a little of the 'sat on a park bench like book ends' S&G line - not exactly but giving the same tender image of aging.

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Hello Redex, ty for reading my write, glad you could relate to the years passing by, cheers, I hope you are well.

wine hug
Hi Bentlee, I read this when you first posted it, then I came back to it....then read it again...then had a think about it....dunno about you but I think this has got to be one of the best things you have written in a long time....maybe even since "A moment to"......Only my opinion....Hope you are well and good your end my friend....Andrewcool
I'm glad I got to read this Bentlee :)
Wonderful writing..& touching.
Cant beat those diamond moments .. over a strong mug of coffee & wag of a tail :) applause coffee
Lady Bee, so sorry for taking so long to comment, ty so much for your's I'm glad it took you back to a good place for a while lol. Yes I've not been around for some time. Too much on the go here.
wine hug
Hi Andrew, yes it's been some time eh. Ty and yes things are well this end, hope we can chat sometime. Glad you liked it, sorry for posting so late, cheers my friend, cheers hug
Lady Morgana ty so much for your thoughts, yes it does bring one too good times in their life eh, cheers and hope you are well.

wine hug
wonderful words full of emotion spanning the years enjoyed it ty for sharingteddybear bouquet
Hello Shadow, ty for reading and commenting, glad you liked my write. Cheers, wine hug
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