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Bridge To??? (Part II)

I can hear the sound my feet make
The hollow sound on the rough wooden boards
It shatters the quietness of the night
Yet there appears to be no-one here to hear it

One, two, three, four, five, six steps
I start counting them as I cross this bridge
I'm up to one twenty seven and yet
I still seem to be no closer to the light

How far does this bridge go? Is there an end?
If I said that I had no fear in my heart
You know that I would definitely be lying
I am a coward, that's what got me here

Another look down the side, still nothingness
Set off walking like a man possessed, in a daze
Eyes on the light, nothing else around me mattered
Had I walked for hours? I really didn't know

Suddenly I became aware of a different sound
The surface under my feet had changed
I was walking on gravel, not on the bridge
At what point had I stepped on to the gravel?

As I turned around all I saw was a gravel path
This path dissapeared into the distance behind me
What had happened to the bridge I had crossed?
It had taken me hours to cross it, or so it seemed

The light called me, beckoned me on to follow it
It did not matter how slow or how fast I had walked
Nor how far I had walked to follow the light
It had maintained the same distance from me

I had no hunger, no thirst and strangely enough
Nor was I in the least bit tired from all this walking
Normally I would only have to walk a short distance
My legs would then constantly complain

Was it my imagination or was the day dawning
All around there appeared to be a slight tinge of light
One last look all around, once again set off
Set my feet towards the light and started walking
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (4)

Where is part 3? cool
Thank you moongirl ... still working on it

Interesting write Steve,you probably should have used Jet no time you would have reached the lightlaugh I enjoyed the trill in your deep write,had me thinking a bitwine M.M
Thank you M.M ... use express post next time

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