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The Unknown

What is that sound beneath my bed
Or is it something that’s in my head

The sound of claws upon the wall
Footsteps that echo down the hall

The scuttling sound upon the floor
The persistent banging on the door

A silent scream that’s barely heard
At edge of vision through tears blurred

All around there’s a slithering sound
Hard as you might, nothing to be found

The terror rises, you want to scream
You know what’s happening is not a dream

Take heed, take heed, best run so fast
To stay here, not long will you last
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2018

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Comments (3)

I have nights like that - hard to get to sleep with all the noises when your the only one in the house. Good poem.

Thank you Kathy. We never know what lurks in the dark dunno confused crying

laugh laugh laugh laugh
Updated t his a bit and expanded it
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