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Snowball hits the wall after flyin in curved air. Particulate snow follows it's course. Gloved three finger release in the throw, shoulder in hurt of the thrust of the throw. Ten finger pack of two hands full of snow, eyes on the target packin gloved smacks. Swoop hand in the drift in mind's target broad. Fifteen steps to the pile to get packin snow. As you sat in the chair whats to do tonight! Drag a bus a car an skid the heels on corners tight!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
Teen, suburb, winter's night boredom:)

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Comments (4)

thumbs up cheering angel
Bentleeonline today!
Ha, we've all been there eh! Lol an you 2 luvu lol.
Bentlee - Great read and insight into what could be...when boredom sets in...splat! Made me laugh and frown :)cool
trurorobonline now!
childish ways again Bentlee, oh the glory days!! loved it!
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