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Did you know

Did you know that I
Had my first breath
But I didn’t make it
Just too close to death
I waved my hand
But no one could see
Hidden from you
My soul not yet free

Did you know that I
Could smile at you
One of the things
I’ve learned how to do
I wiggle my toes
Grasp at my ears
Safety surrounds me
I have no fears

Did you know that I
Took my last breath today
Never a chance
To run or to play
No I passed away silently
In mother’s embrace
Before she had a chance
To see my sweet face

Did you know that she
Mourns every day
For loss of her baby
But no words does she say
The world does not seem
To think I was here
But my mommy knows
Her treasure so dear

Did you know of a memory
Too precious to share
With a world full of those
Who don’t seem to care
I live with my mother
Perhaps only in mind
Those precious few moments
Forever will bind
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2014

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Comments (8)

Did you know of a memory
Too precious to share
With a world full of those
Who don’t seem to care

This is just so, so sad, I read it three times with a tear in my eye. angel purple heart bouquet
Very sad and beautifully written hug angel angel
Thank you, Odette and Girlygirl. hug
niah9online today!
Cloudysky...wonderful to see you back....
such a wistful poem with such deep rooted thoughts.....Kteddybear
A very moving write C/S,
I feel for you.....

Regards Mick.

truly touching deep beautifully crafted write excellent penangel wine
Thank you Niah, Mizzy and Darkhorse. wave
Its good to see you back and with a heartfelt poem,the last verse touched me.angel thumbs up
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