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Last Breath

What dreams hath man on a lonely pillow
With limbs so weak and hung like limping willow
What thoughts request to live as youth regained
To once more run with the herds of Serengeti Plain

To leap like Springbok through wooded ground
For a heart that beats with a strength of sound
To see horizons with limitless glorious sight
To once more espy the eagle in its majestic flight

To hear and touch the rushing of cool waters flow
To scale the mountains in the crispness of snow
He would sail the seas without a thought or care
With salt laden breeze caressing through he’s hair

But for him these are times lost in bygone past
He fears the breath that will come as inevitable last
He would wish to drink the waters of the eternal spring
And plead for the immortality to him it could bring

But too many hopes lie broken on shattered rocks
He must leave this life to join the lost legions flocks
Gently close the eyes, the tired body would thus implore
For he shall not awake, nor run, nor dream no more
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
Maybe melancholic, but a great friend told me that they saw it as live life for what it is today!!.

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Comments (48)

Dream a little dream with me
Before life can flee
Lets chase the sunset
And gather moonbeams
Watch the bright stars
That twinkle
Feel the cool breeze
That soothes your skin
Lie down on the meadow grass so green
Gazing up at the azure sky
And dream that one last beautiful dream.

Your poem is so beautiful,made me think of these lines of a poem I had written ages ago.Thanks Rob for the sad but nice thoughts.thumbs up
great poem rob!...this kind of describes myself,i convinced myself i'll never grow old,endless energy is what i tell them,i'm immortal....time means nothing to cheers dancing
"To once more run with the herds of Serengeti Plain; To leap like Springbok through wooded ground" Aaahhh, my native Africa, of course I have to love this poem, great nostalgic way of bringing 'last breath' to us, classy writing Rob...
Hi, trurorob,
The lonely pillow and too many hopes lie broken on shattered rocks evoke such a sense of emptiness and regret. Thank you for painting this lesson with words.
it's lovely and flowing - like life i guess, fill your life full of wonderful memories, to be remembered before your last breath. i for one shall try, thank you trurorob.
Great poem. Makes me think. I enjoyed this one. Thank You.
we've been waiting (somewhat IMpatiently) for your good lines.

this one is worth the time/wait. great write/great read.
Rob what a fantastic poem!!So Poignant..banana banana
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Paloma my friend!!
Rob...I just love your imagery really know how to breathe life into a poem. Excellent write!thumbs up thumbs up
thanks for an exciting story. "touch" the rushing waters. we all see and hear them often but rarely touch as we age.
Happygolucky4uonline today!
So touching so beautiful. bowing To move one from another place and time to where the words are is a great gift.
i found your poem very beautiful and gentle,and so sad..
thanks for the shareteddybear
Wow! Makes me want to write a list of the things I want to do before I go where I'm going. Fantastic Rob teddybear
Thank you Rob, seems you have touched on the classic here, to my mind, one of the best you have written, I find it not so much sad, but a celebration of life, kindest regards my friend......Andrew.
Great Rob. Live life to the fullest you
can. Not 20 anymore.angel cheers
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Dreamwolf!!
What a lovely poem!
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Earl, glad you liked it.
trurorobonline today!
Thank uou GNJ4U, glad you liked it.
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Ladybee!
Yes, very classical in style and flow. It evokes such a melancholy reminder of everyone's mortality. Carpus diem. Fine work. applause
I just love this poem Rob..I keep reading and re-reading it.thumbs up
trurorobonline today!
Thank you PinkP
You really out did your self Rob, a poem all can relate too.applause But I cant help but think that by the time we are in that condition..we just might welcome the rest..i think I will.Keep um comming..JGwave typing typing thanks thanks
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Dave, very kind!
JUST AMAZING ...teddybear

trurorobonline today!
Thanks PDF, hope you are home soon!
trurorobonline today!
Thanks J, my buddy!
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Hedi, kind words.
Beautiful poem Rob. Loved the descriptive scenery.
trurorobonline today!
Thanks S, my friend.
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Tomboygirl, kind thoughts
A beautiful read....bouquet angel
trurorobonline today!
Thank you M!!
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Andrew, kind words!
Great Peom!!!
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Larry, hope to see you back soon my friend!
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Cheryblossom!!
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Italiandreams, kind words!
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