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Hints of gold leaves, amongst green
Warn of changes, to colours supreme
Herald autumn, rustic rainbow seasons
Nature controls, colour-filled reasons

Discarded leaves, flutter-and-fall
Trees not bushy, stand-spindle-tall
Gradual bleakness, accept as winter
Grey-dull-damp, longer mists linger

Crops daylight, a night takes hold
Sun struggles to warm, remains cold
Grass turns to mud, pelted with rain
Water-rapid-flow, seeks escape drain

Rustic rainbow, leaves tumble free
High from above, canopy of trees
Then winter ends, trees stand bare
Springtime explode, eagerness share

New cycle begins, its seasons clear
Rotate sunshine to showers, as tears
Watering the earth, so sunny-warm
Change of seasons, with life re-born
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2016
About this poem:
Rustic....special season of autumn...till life re-born

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Comments (4)

godsprincessonline today!
Very lovely Kathy. Seems so strange that there is an Autumn and Winter here on Earth while we are enjoying Spring (my favorite) and Summer. I wrote a poem last fall about Autumn that's on here. It's called "Royal Ball". If you have time, please pop over and read it! It's one of my favorites.

Kathy teddybear
Winter is my favorite because I hate to sweat and I hate dealing with bugs, plus I love snow. I would pick summer as my least favorite because of the sweating that goes on and bugs too. Fall would be my second because of Halloween and the Christmas season starting up.snowglobe santa waving
niah9online today!
I will read it Kathy...and yes, I know from living in the UK and Europe that Christmas is when its having to decide if you will cook Christmas dinner mid-day or evening because of the pushing reality a bit far, when the best option is salad and cold turkey at the beach......thanks for the comment...Kathydancing
niah9online today!
mcradloff.......well I have the same hates with summer, but hate the cold of winter sleet and snow, so enjoy autumn and spring......equally love the ocean, so I am on my journey once more, moving south to secure a beach house in a slightly cooler climate, before I head to the UK for 3 months next year, to see if I should be I guess rustic rainbows for me could be UK or NZ, but leaving the city behind once more.....thanks for the comment.....Kathyteddybear
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