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Virtual Love

From this reality my spirit flees
To disembodied entities
Cast net wide in cyberspace
To world unwilling critical in praise.

From my spirit's broken halo
Thoughts or fancies off they go
Walking on the water's edge
The dreadful deep of cyberspace.

Hoping for a forlorn grace
Or something good to take its place
Never have I felt so old
With my spirit growing cold.

Feel affection drying up
Like a beggar without a cup
Homeless heartless without a place
See the ruin in my face.

Cast off another virtual thought
Poet's feeling can't be taught
See a list of hollow conquests
Yet I don't have any regrets.

Artificial world is coming
Rats in mazes - we are running
No more romance of yesteryear
The uncertain futures here.

Population exponential
Don't say that I haven't warned you -
Like the sheep in a paddock
Don't know that the drought is coming.

Still we care, still we love
Take a pill cut feeling off
Maybe I have loved too many
Now it seems I cant have any.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2016
About this poem:
Don't mean to be overly morbid; this is just the flip side of our world today.

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Comments (9)

southmiami4321online today!
Our world is in Cyberspace, too much technology has taken over.
Can you imagine this world just 50 years from now if it is still around??
Family has lost it's sign...
Love is posted everywhere but eyes are blind
Nice poem LCBT, reality absorbed.
Thanks for your comment I normally like to write different/more positive stuff than this; however I really believe that if we do not stabilize our population fairly quickly going into the future we are in for a disaster, or at least some very dire consequences, thanks for the read.
Liked this one LCBR,
a lot of feeling and a lot of truth in it.

Thanks for the comment too.
Thanks for that, none of us can be ever so nicely happy etc all the time, and the points raised here, are unfortunately sad reality for a lot of the world today - take care lcbr.
Unfortunately yesterday's life has changed and as you said; we're all rats in a maize. It's sad but true. We all still need love in our lives, unfortunately most people use the internet to conceal themselves and to hide behind feelingless masks. The longer they wear it the harder it becomes to take it off, until one day they decide not to take the mask off ever again.
Thanks Rose, for the comment, take care.
Perhaps the Robot world that is on the way,can better take the way of destruction,when all the soft feelings are reduseddoh
I hope by the time we are fully automatons, that I am not here - thanks for the comment.
fully autonomous that is
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