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Loves Precious "Gift"!

Loves Precious

Divine Guidance

I was once told
The phrase:
Don't put fence posts
In Gods Harbor
Port, Marina,
Ocean Lake Pond
River Stream Waterfall Creek Spring
Nor his Choice of Dock or Slip or Yacht!
He will Guide his Vessel in the direction
Of his Desired current flow ...
Don't even think about telling God
Where to go
What to Do
Where His ship
needs to come in ...
To outline label limit
how where when what why!
Keep your hands off of His steering wheel
Mind your own business
Not His!
God Is the Captain
of the ship
U r the first mate partner
God is the Creator
Author Artist
You are the Rays Reflection
From the Source ...
God has Unlimited Supply!
The question is
will You do
with your Gift?
Your assignment?
Will you be obedient?
Disciplined and complete it?
Or waste this precious Gift
He trusted only you with?
Quite a thought to
No yeah buts
No what ifs
No excuses
Just do it attitude!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2019
About this poem:
Love In the process

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