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Rachael_0622online now!
by Rachael_0622Big lake, Alaska, USAApr 42 comments

Love Messages from the Angels Divine

Love Messages from the Angels Divine

Sometimes the words are Brewing ...
From the Angels Divine
To the Mind
You're Mine
So Divine
The Stainless Steel Tea Pot Kettle says,
Yes, "I'm talking to You!
Yes, YOU!"
Don't turn around
and look behind you!
There's no one back there!
This is your assignment
Not anothers
I'm talking in your ear
Are you listening
To your assignment?
screaming in your ear:
For your uninterrupted,
undivided, attention!
I started talking to you
First in a low gentle simmer
... Then a rolling boil
... Then a lite whistle to heavy like a
Steam engine Train
Whew ... Whew ... Whew! ...
Whew ... Whew! ...
Whistle Whistle
Blow blow chug a lug lug
I think I can I think I can
I know I can
... whistling air like a flute from my spout!
Screaming in your ear
wake up!
What do I have to do
to get u to respond?
Now the message is ripe!
Stop whatever you are doing!"
Opportunity is a knocking!
Hold All calls
Angels on the Line,
Mine ...
Type Type Type
That Special Divine Frequency to the Mind
To the inaudible ear
Catch it before
you lose the station!
It's ready & vine ripe,
free for the pickins'
To fall from
the mother tree
Fresh Georgia Peaches
Orange with pink blush
Just the right
firmness of yum!
Pick me pleazzze!
I'm ripe ...
Ready 4 the taking!
Ready for teamwork,
Adoration, cooperation, appreciation
Ooohhh ... Aaaahhh ...
Juicy, sweet, peaches
dripping from your chin
So wonderful!
You need a napkin
Nectar from the Gods
Sweeter than Honey
Drooling in goodness Mmmm!
We are ALL sent
messages of goodness
On many subjects
Will you listen?
Pick the fruit
The gift
Put it to use
Or just plain ignore the precious Gift
Your choice
Today tomorrow or next week
The Angel will keep talking to your ear
Get up, no excuses,
just do it
no ifs ands or yeah buts about it
We all get
those messages
from different subjects
Get up
It's time
just do it
Whatever your dream
may be
When an idea is
ripe for the pickins
of the times
Many will receive the message for progress
But the Doer
who goes to her or his
closet in secret
To her or his laboratory
Creates the prodigy
the first demo prototype
Perfects it
patents it at
the patent office
If successful
You Will reap
the lucrative rewards
and royalties
For generations centuries
Or the contentment
he or she receives from it
Many from
Einstein to Bell to
Microsoft Apple Google Amazon FB YouTube
And many more lucrative ventures
Fm the First Zipper
to Disney were told they
would never add up to anything
A failure
But after much thought
in their lab, study
Practice makes perfect
Trials & errors
A bad cartoonist
practiced a mouse
to one of the Best!
blossoms buds bloom fruitage
Bloom where you are planted!
One of them only had
a 10th grade education
Became a lucrative
well known
software CEO
You should see
the estates mansion
It has a creek running through the house
With serious insurance
& taxes
It's not Money
It's Desire
that it's flames
there burn red hot
With Brillant Light!
Effulgence, Radiance,
Illumination to reveal the manifestation
Natural lighting from the heavens
That illuminates the Forrest
Just the right amount
Of numerous
rays of sunlight
Stream down
through the treetops
For the deer, critters
& animals to
see what they need
big & small
Into the meadows
No electric lights
needed or necessary!
Night time is dark
Time to rest
Inspiration, Motivation
progress productivity
I'm seeking
Mr. Wonderful
on this site
And Ohhhh yes
He's so Fine in the mind!
willing to put Forth
Much effort
and do the work!
Vs. Failure to launch
"Real Man a Gentleman"
Can't be replaced by
Boy kid or punk
My day my turn is a coming
Just around the bend
And it will be Mighty Fine
Oooh La La La
Eat your heart out
A serious learning experience
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 4
About this poem:
6 months of effort bud to blossom!
Poems a labor of love
To share the message
With hopes of good for others peace on earth!
6 months of effort bud to blossoms!
I had it all typed to Bentlee
in a respond comment I typed there
in the poetry section
Now I have to retype it ugh!
Then I expanded on from the original short version
To the more elaborated version
Mmmm! ..

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Comments (2)

Everyone can rise again!!! This is a good piece Darling.
Rachael_0622online now!
Thank you,
we can all be productive if we choose
Vs. snooze booze or lose
Or abuse in any way
We make choices daily
to listen, adapt, start a new day,
grace mercy peace on earth
Thanks for your friendship
heart wings heart wings
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