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Rachael_0622online today!
by Rachael_0622Big lake, Alaska, USAApr 105 comments

Love Real Men have Grace Mercy

Love Real men have Grace, Mercy
Love Real adult men have grace Mercy in their words actions & soul
A Gentleman
Never juvenile
never ugly
Never a punk kid!
Throwing a temper tantrum
Or jealousy nor rude:

And the reward he gets back
He Will be rewarded tonight
Afternoon Delight!
In the following verse!:

My Darling

Proclaiming my aspirations
To you!
I wish my arms were wrapped around you in a warm cozy embrace
Home will become different than the world you presently know
One you have never known before
Elevated to the highest
Inspiring peace ...
home will never be cold again
my biggest desire
true love
You will never starve again for affection of any kind again
Your lips will be satisfied
Your tummy happy
Your feet relaxed
Your body soothed
Your soul glowing in
Your blonde hair will shine
Blow its elegance in the wind
In my hands
At the beach
if you are in my world
I will do
my powers & passions
Of numerous types
to give you
teamwork in the kitchen
On the couch
At the beach
In the sand
In the pool, hot tub,
On the very Romantic
Chair of Passion
Shared by two not three
The Chaise Lounge
Under the Cabana
Balmy & Refreshing!
Under the
gentle water fall
Caresses & Tender
Succulent gentle kisses
In OUR bed
Our Nest
Not his or hers
And a special lovers
Horizontal dance
Of unbridled passion
Under a goose down comforter with
Comfy hugging
Loving warm sheets
Dali sheep skins
warming your toes
On the end of the bed
On cold nights or days
In an Alaskan Igloo
King size bed
Swaying to the rhythm
From the heavens Divine
Your mine!
You will exclaim
Ohhh! la la la she's mine!
thank the heavens
so fine!
For her sweetness divine
Her kisses divine
Mighty fine!
Never to be lonely again!
Composed just now
I am Unique
A Gem
Like no other
A mother
I will promise
The long Wait ...
Will surely be worth
Every penny
Every second w me
My hands will feel heaven
Within your soul
As close to the heavens
as a human can get
Our time on the dance floor
Will be pure bliss
Swaying to natural divine harmony complimenting melody!!!
One word or 2 or 3 or more
Mmm ooohhh aaahhh
Oh my u r fine!
Thank u Lord above
So very much
We will shine
Grins giggles laughter

Thank you
I keep updating it
Only from divine intervention
Can it flow this fine silk
pure Love
This sweet Bliss
sweeter than honey
Nectar from the Gods!
Gift from the Heavens
Mmmm pure Goodness!
Bliss with Mr. Right
Mr. Effort
Mr. Willing to do the work
will win
The whole enchilada
The Divine Prize
Many seek
Lost in the wilderness
Too blind
To recognize the Angel
Before them
right in front Of him!
You snooze you loose
If she slipped out of your hands
Look in the mirror
at yourself
Eat your heart out
She was there
u blew it
Your window of opportunity gone
The door has now closed to U!
Your inattentive mind
Left a vacancy
For Mr. Attentive
And not giving him up to anybody
He's mine
Willing able loving kind
In tune with the Love Fine Tuned like a piano pitch fork the Love Frequency
Of Harmony
Who will give her
Not scraps!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 10
About this poem:
Bliss with Mr. Right

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Comments (5)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts:) Very well written poem
Respected Loving Kind Caring
Decent Smart Social Graceful
Gorgeous Dearest Rachael. angel
Wonderful poem : thumbs up :
Showing emotion in write
Telling your favourite
You Love him very much
He is Lucky He is Blessed
Having you in his life
Showing all his love in words
That's your art of writing
Your write always inspires me
Bring be Love and Smile
I read it time by time
When I got a chance
The words you use are great
It shows your dignity and learning
From your elders and your life
Love Care and Regards
teddybear bouquet heart wings
yes because your real peace
Raj7289online today!
?? Touching
southmiami4321online today!
Rachael, very nice thoughts. Mr. Right with all his glamour!! Thanks for sharing. SM
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