I'm searching for the sound
That keeps me bound
To find the key
To set me free-
As the bird flies
With fractured wings
Flying low
High, listen
The sound
Can't that bird sing?

As we all aim for the last fall
What do we recall-- This sound?

A choice of words
The sound of what we often heard
The key is near
And, as of what do we fear?-
The bird on the ground
The bird knows why
As it looks up towards the skies-
Lying down- on the mound
The sound
Can a bird cry?

As we all take our last stall
What should we call-- This sound?

I've found the sound
That kept me bound
I've found the key, finally
That sets me free-
Above the bird flies high
With fractured wings-
Listen, low
The sound
Can't that bird sing!?

As we all ascend to feel tall
Remember what we call- This sound
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2021
About this poem:
The song pertains to a little bit in everyone. The past, present, and future tense of what we had, what we lost, and regaining the strength to live on; but, also, to remind ourselves to never give up the thought of possibilities. I wrote this one 8-26-2021

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