Cant get my socks on anymore!

Ok, this is probably not the most interesting thread of all time, but, seriously, not being able to put one's socks on means the morning is in crisis before it's even started.

Here are the facts, for no apparent reason started to gain weight about a year ago, not only am I now 8 killos heavier, but, have a bulging stomach to show for it.

I am in my early 60's and have had a gradually increasing problem putting my socks on. Of course, I thought this problem was mine alone until I told a friend (as in... Psssst! dont tell anyone but I cant get my socks on anymore!).
My friend laughted and told me he couldnt either and that this was a problem for many older men. Phew! I thought, thank goodness its not only me.

So, for those of you that have actually read this far, are you suffering from this problem, if so, how do you cope?
For those of you that havent solved the problem I suggest the following... Sit on the third step of the stairs, then put your foot on the second step. You should find it easier to get your socks on this way.

Natural body weight

Thank you all for your comments, unfortunately cannot reply individually as I do not get online as much as I used too.

I accept when getting older a persons metabolism changes, I shall just have to find a method of keeping my weight stable that coincides better with my lifestyle.

Natural body weight

Just wondering whether the body has a natural weight.

Since my early 20's, my body weight has always been around 92 kilos regardless of my lifestyle, however, following an operation for a burst appendix two years ago my body weight keeps increasing.

I now find that for the first time in my life, I need to watch what I eat and do constant exercise if I want to keep my weight stable.
I can tell you that having to start exercising at the age of 62 really sucks!

Is weight gain age related or am I just unlucky?

RE: Are you tattooed or tattooless?

And I cant remember to include the post

Age sucks!

RE: Are you tattooed or tattooless?

So you cant spell either! laugh

RE: Are you tattooed or tattooless?

I have a tattoo of a phone on the end of my willy.

When it rings................ It's for yooouoooo! rolling on the floor laughing

Mental incapacity in single people

Scenario: You are single, live alone, have no family or children, your parents are no longer alive and you have no friends you can count on (that live close by).

Then one day, you are mentally incapacitated following a fall, an accident or a brain trauma.

Fortunately, most people have a family member who can organise for care in this situation, however, gave me cause to think about people like me that fall into the above scenario.

Any one else single and solo, if so, what are your thoughts?

Sex and Smoking

I was wondering whether one is the opposite of the other.

In my quest to give up smoking, I found that if I have a packet of cigarettes, I mentally couldnt resist having a cigarette, however, if I dont have a packet of cigarettes I dont feel the need to smoke.

Wanting sex on the other hand seems to be the reverse. When I dont have a girlfriend I want sex, however, when I have a girlfriend, I dont feel that raw need to have sex.

RE: Why do Men say they want relationships when all they want is sex????

My experience is that most women have a mindset that the majority of men who contact them are only looking for sex. This coupled by the fact that in many cases a woman does not believe what a man says, so, how does a guy convince a woman that he is looking for a relationship?

RE: What would you do if you were given a monthly UBI to cover your basic living needs?

What is a UBI?

RE: Are American sports cars better value than their European counterparts?

I wouldnt know as have never been able to afford either crying

RE: The worst film to watch in place of torture

Any romantic comedy.

RE: what other categories would you like to see in the polls

As this is supposedly a dating site, perhaps a poll on relationships or dating experiences would be interesting.

RE: What age are you in your head?

What age am I in my head?

Well that depends on the age of the woman I am looking at!grin

RE: Friends and lovers

And all this time I thought I was seducing the women that were my lovers... I want a refund on the chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners.

RE: If You Were Granted 1 Wish, You Would?

I'd wish for more wishes!

RE: Friends and lovers

The qualities between friends and lovers are different. With friends you talk about whats happening around you whereas with lovers you talk about whats happening between you. If that makes any sense.

RE: If your bathroom mirror could talk, what would it say to you?

My mirror would say...

Helloooo good looking!grin

RE: If your bathroom mirror could talk, what would it say to you?

You look like shyte, I think you should get out more.

RE: What's your type?

I would tell you my type, but, the list of requirements is so long and detailed I wouldnt want to bore you.

Ok then, since you insist... A woman type!rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What's your type?

"Fancy a f*ck?"rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Would you have sex with a gypsy?

Only if she was bent over her crystal ball.

RE: would you have sex with an Alien?

I've had sex with several women that were Alien to me!yay

RE: Baggage - first or second date, and they mention the ex? React -

Depends on the relevance of the topic you are discussing. Sometimes mentioning the ex is a good thing as it gives the other person an in site into how you carry your baggage (easily, emotionally, angrily etc).

Of course, its helps to be tactful grin

RE: Quieres conocer galápagos?

"Te gustaría pasar tus vacaciones en galápagos"

No gracias... Vivo en Tenerife.grin

RE: Leaving your lover

As a friend of mine once told me...

Leave a message on their answerphone saying... "I'm making changes in my life, if I dont get back to you... you're one of them!" rolling on the floor laughing


Ooooops!... Did I touch a nerve?.. How nasty of me (slapping back of hand)grin


Errrrm... Have you considered Mr Ronnie may not be interested in you and thus not replied to your mails. I have to admit, if I received the number of mails you say you sent, I would think I was being stalked!help

RE: What Is The True Measure Of A Man?

Wow!.... Some real experts here on measuring c*ck, so I took the advise (research purposes .. you understand) and tried measuring, however, I came across a fault in the process...

Yup!... Cant keep a hard on when laughing!

RE: checking on the numbers who has found their life partner on CS

I think the OP meant "live" partner as most here on CS are dead!

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