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RE: What was the reason for your divorce?

I liked going out (about 1 time a week or every other weekend) and he didn't.

That was the only reason why I divorced him (I didn't want to and he didn't want me too). Now I kick myself in the a** about it. But we got back together after May and are trying to work things out (everything is going good).

RE: How is everyone doing tonight?

Now I feel really bad!!! Found out my date, for tomorrow, does have to leave for Europe in the morning...This sucks you know...Well, I'm off of here by tomorrow afternoon, for sure...Bye...shock broken heart sad snooty

RE: How is everyone doing tonight?

Last night I didn't feel so good (emotionally didn't feel good)...

I may not have my date for Saturday afternoon and I cancelled a date for that evening too (hey, I had no idea til yesterday about it).

I think dating sites are way too much for me anymore. Why did I ever start going on these things?

Never needed them in the past in my last 3 longest relationships (my boyfriend of 4 years in high school, my ex-husband of 8 years, and the musician in Phoenix for a great 9 months).

No, after this weekend I'm back to the "meet in person" dating. They seem to last longer and are more truthful to me about things. mumbling doh

So, no, emotionally I haven't had a good night. But after Saturday it will be great.

RE: Write a word beginning with the last letter of the previous one.


RE: Married People on a singles website

I agree. But what about if they are divorced but still live with each other...Just curious. Maybe they are trying to work it out again? Maybe just using this to have someone who likes going out and such or something? dunno confused

RE: so, he left me.

I've had better and longer relationship with men I met in person (not on a dating site). So, if I were you, just get off the dating site thing and find one in person. It's much better too.

(no offense to anyone else out there).

RE: so, he left me.

Ahh, don't feel so bad. I've been through this route since I started going on dating sites (I now wished I never did) since Dec. 2004.

But after this weekend, I'll never come back here again either (just like the other 2 I used to be on).

You are a beautiful girl and boring town (my brother used to live in Coldsprings, Texas)...And the men there are boring as hell (well, the ones in most parts of southeast Texas). So, don't let it get you down. It was coming anyway.

Just go out, have fun, and surround yourself with your friends for now...

RE: What are men looking for?

To be honest with you, I think I'm getting off this site (again for the 5th time in a year), by the end of this weekend...

Seems like men on dating site are only looking for a sex partner or only want to meet you if they bring a friend along...NO THANKS AND NOT INTERESTED ANYMORE....




Yeah, and I see you took your profile down too, about a week ago (since I got back on)...Schmuck!!!

Look who's talking about who stood up who... You stood me up about 3 separate times. The last time being 4 months ago...Low life SOB.... very mad devil

RE: What the f is wrong with people?

OMG! That's just awful...Some people are like that (reminds me of some past dates I had a year ago back).


With a man:

1. He came alone and drove his own vehicle (or alone in a cab is fine too).
2. Go out dancing, eat out, and/or just have a good time.
3. Kisses and Hugs on the first date (cause I like too, also).
4. He takes me home later on.

RE: can you guess what this is from?

Forrest Gump...Remember at the beginning? scold

Kudos for you

RE: CS ZOO....

laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing

RE: CS ZOO....

Playing on the monkey bars with the Chimps.

RE: can you guess what this is from?

" Would you like a box of chocolates?"

What movie was this??


RE: name 5 things that you're good at ? or want your partner to be good at ? and why ?

5 Things I'm Good At:

1. Kissing (I love to kiss and yes, on the first date too).

2. Dancing (but I wished more of my dates liked to dance too. Most don't or didn't. I would like a dance partner to go out with every Friday night).

3. Pool (I'm okay at it, but I've had some dates who were better than I was).

4. Making love (but that's comes after the 3rd date. If there is a 3rd one. That's just me, I guess).

5. Dressing up (my dates liked the way I dressed. I never dressed like a slob, but I don't dress fancy either. More of a jeans, low cut top, high heels, or a short skirt, halter top, and high heels. The "Casual-Sexy" look I call it).

RE: What kind of hobbies you have?

On my free time I sometimes do or go:

1. Jogging
2. Long walks
3. Pilates
4. Play pool/billiards
5. Sunbathing (during the summer months)
6. Read
7. Dancing
8. Karaoke
9. Shopping
10. Watch some T.V. (but not a lot)

RE: Anyone here that still remembers me..

Hi lenababi!

I remember you, very well. wave cswelcome flower

What Is Your Favorite Missing Persons Case??

I know this is a strange subject, but I was just curious of what famous missing persons case gets your interest and stops you in your tracks when you hear about it?

I guess my favorite is the Johnny Gosch case. He's that newspaper boy that disappeared in Iowa back in 1982. But his mother claims that he showed up one time, a few years back, and talked to her. Strange case.

RE: 9 Signs You've met THE ONE

Some signs that you may have found THE ONE:

1. They call you all the time.

2. The e-mail you everyday.

3. They start coming over about every weekend or so.

4. (if they live in the same town as you) they see you almost everyday, after work or whenever.

5. They have halted some of their favorite things to do (hobbies) to be with you and spend time with you.

6. They send you flowers or a gift (lingerie, maybe??)

Then, baby, you know for sure. kiss hug lips teddybear bouquet blushing

RE: Newly divorced and completely lost.

Surround yourself with good friends and go out again sometime. Maybe this weekend?

Challenge your buddy to a game of pool and just have now (you're newly divorce, so have fun for the next 2 years and then find a new woman for your lifestyle). kiss cheers

RE: Life Changing

I'm a born-again Christian (but haven't been to church in a few months now), but I do love gospel music. I like a lot of it. I can't remember some of the names.

But 1 song that I really love singing to myself, when I'm feeling depressed or feel hopeless, is "Jesus Loves Me".

You know that one...Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so....That has always lifted up my spirits and made me happy again.

RE: What makes me feel good is........

What makes me feel good is:

1. A nice 45-60 minute jog (not only for my health but for inner peace too).

2. Going to the beach or the lake (I love the water!).

3. A nice sunny day on my back porch (nice to go sunbathing).

4. Having a date who shows up on time and we have a great time.

5. Reading a great book.

RE: sometimes a person should think before crapping on someone.

I used to work at a nightclub and I know what it felt like to be harrassed and talked about.

So, on the last day, I worked there, I had a customer who was very rude to me and such. So, I just gave him the "Bird", put my tray down, put my street clothes back on, gave him the "Bird" again, and walked out. The manager asked me what was wrong and told him. He wanted me to come back in. I said, "NoPe!!!". And left.

Some people just suck!!

RE: Where Are You Now?

I came on here (off and on, myself) since last year. I get bored or just didn't find the right kind of people that I have in common with (when I met them). We just didn't click or something.

But I'm doing much better. I don't give a damn anymore, if they show up or not. I have been stood up 2 times on this site and it used to bother me. But not anymore head banger

I was in Florida, in June earlier this year. Had a great time.

I've gotten more into my jogging and stuff (became a little bit of a health nut).

And I'm going back to Blonde hair in a week or 2 from now. head banger applause lips

But other than that, I'm fine and happy.

What Was Your Highest Weight? What Was Your Lowest Weight?

Ahhh! Thanks Dooby. Yeah, a lot of people, I know in the town I live in, think I am. I don't see it, but okay. kiss handshake bouquet teddybear lips

RE: Damned if you do/Damned if you don't.

I do tell the truth eventually. Like this weekend, I will (I won't say anything here and that's probably why I won't be on this site after this weekend... crying moping Sorry).

RE: So I Guess That Summer is over.

Yeah, and it sucks! It's going to get cold now.

And I have wear jeans, sweaters, coats, pullovers, and boots. The things I hate to wear!!! barf mumbling crying moping blues roll eyes jaw drop

RE: Paul Newman

He was one of my favorite actors.

Just the other day I went to the library and checked out a big book about him. There's stuff about him that I didn't even know...Did you know he was married before he met Joanne Woodward?? I did not know that.

RIP, Paul....

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