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RE: can you be a muslim and british?

Hey Jac what happened to the Jac379 Profile.confused


Well i know my comments will be abhorred by some and laughed at by others but for my 10 p worth, this shit with Harris, DLT, Davis and probably Hall, is all about compensation. Slags and slappers of the 60,s 70, and 80,s looking to better the Pension. Non of all These can be prooven, 30 or 40 years down the line so what have they to lose, I just hope the accused take the People who make the allegations to court and wipe them out good and proper.

RE: What would you......

Hi Jo,

there is the Problem in bold letters. Let them get on with it. stay outof it however much is stings you. You will earn no thanks at all. Probably the opposite.


RE: food stamps

I think, judging by your diction in previous Posts you can deduce which ones i am referring to. Xenophobic, me, no way but you should be and alot of the residents in the UK are of which they should be.

I didnt Claim sail knew more, i said she knows as much about it (maybe more) which does not constitute your comments about credibility. If you read your previous contradicting postings, you may like to think about your credibility before offering suggestions or critisms of others.

RE: CS Squadron(Flying school for Jockey's,Erks,Egg Whisks,n Microlites

Last i heard Red 2 was doing sorties in Holland. Probably chucking Clogs at the cheese heads.

RE: food stamps

Jac what is xenophobic about saying No to Food stamps and what is xenophobic about suggesting certain groups, races, or nationalities are involved in Benefit fraud when in certain Areas of the Country it can be seen on the streets and is no hidden fact. I am sure Sail knows as much about the british isles as you do (maybe more)and i am sure she knows more about the religous immigrants than you have had hot dinners so my advice is be careful when spouting your contradictory Posts suggesting other participants of These Forums are bigots etc. there is a saying: Engage brain before hitting the send button.

RE: CS Squadron(Flying school for Jockey's,Erks,Egg Whisks,n Microlites

ice 1 red 1 at holding, request climb out 050, flight level 35 on route

RE: CS Squadron(Flying school for Jockey's,Erks,Egg Whisks,n Microlites

Red 1 010 to holding.

RE: CS Squadron(Flying school for Jockey's,Erks,Egg Whisks,n Microlites

well well, who af we here.

Red 1 on the pan request start for runway 14.peace

RE: why they goin nuts in isreal

Jews are not allowed to dominate, kill, harm or demean another people Sharmini, it says this in the quoran as well but it doesnt stop the mussies does it.

RE: irish police should b armed

Conscripts are Active service and then they go on the reserves list. I know they keep them in their homes and so does most other people here. they dont have the ammo or the magazines which isnt hard to get if they really want them, The concealed gun licence can be obtained anywghere in mainland europe if there is a genuine reason for it. I have lived here long enough to know the rules and regulations. You make it sound so easy but i can assure you from personal experience it isnt by anyway.

RE: irish police should b armed

Not correct. You can have weapons but there is no MUST have. The only ""Assault"" weapons are those soldiers on reserve duty. After that is finished they have to hand them in. They do have different self defence rights for citizens in comparison to the UK. An immigrant has only basic rights and they dont include weapons. Drug dealers caught are in for 5 to 10 and if an immigrant then residence pernmit revoked and bye bye back to where you come from. Within 24 hours i might add.

RE: 776 Days locked up for being a breed of dog!.....

Not just Belfast. Most others as well.laugh

RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

yep but unless otherwise proven they will always remain thories. But they do give food for thought to those who believe everything published in the papers and splashed over the tv screens.


RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

Watch out, Watch out Secret Squirrel is about


RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

Monte, sorry i forgot the link


RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

Monte, this is where all the info is coming from, by courtesy of Google.

Several witnesses reported seeing a second person around the time of the bombing; investigators would later call him "John Doe 2". In 1997, the FBI arrested Michael Brescia, a member of Aryan Republican Army who resembled an artist's rendering of John Doe 2 based on the eyewitness accounts. However, they later released him, reporting that their investigation had indicated he was not involved with the bombing. One reporter for The Washington Post reflected on the fact that a John Doe 2 has never been found: "Maybe he'll (John Doe 2) be captured and convicted someday. If not, he'll remain eternally at large, the one who got away, the mystery man at the center of countless conspiracy theories. It's possible that he never lived. It's likely that he'll never die."

There are several theories that McVeigh and Nichols had a possible foreign connection or coconspirators. This was due to the fact that Terry Nichols traveled through the Philippines while terrorist mastermind Ramzi Yousef of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was planning his Project Bojinka plot in Manila Ramzi Yousef also placed the bomb used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing inside a rented Ryder van, the same rental company used by McVeigh, indicating a possible foreign link to Al-Qaeda. Other theories link McVeigh with Islamic terrorists, the Japanese government and German neo-Nazis.

There has also been speculation that an unmatched leg found at the bombing site may have belonged to an unidentified, additional bomber. It was claimed that this bomber was either in the building when the bombing occurred, or had previously been murdered, and McVeigh had left his body in the back of the Ryder truck to hide the body in the explosion.

Maybe you are correct, "clowns"


RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

The other thing Gussi is takes more than a few hours in a flight training school to manover a plane like that.

mmm says who ? You??

What about the 30 or so hours in the LH Simulator in Bremen after they had learnt to fly in the USA. They didnt take off or land them just fly them and most of that was done with "George"

RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

I know.

RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

AA Flt 77 was a 757. Normally they are not flown erratic but if they can be looped and the pilot has the guts . Hey Ho.

This will be another shite house parole theory like the "did humans land on the moon or who shot JFK".


RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

Mickey i am not a self confessed expert on this matter. I merely wanted to correct Mr. P that is wasnt a 747 but a much smaller 757. I have no idea nor am i interested whether there are 2 or 4 or no trenches on the lawns in front of the pentagon.


RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

you are right it didnt happen I think you will find it was a twin engined 757-223. Fuselage diameter roughly 11 foot 6 inch

RE: Spanish State Pension

try this:


RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

drinking drinking popcorn popcorn

RE: OHH YESS...... BARCLAYS?! Hmmm....

Where ??? laugh

RE: Mickey's Weather Thread

32°C here in Karlsruhe and should stay that way til middle of next week.


RE: Why Not fully back Kofi Annan and give peace a chance in Syria

And in the light of the latest developments in Egypt, there is the next boiling pot.


RE: muslims

Iseek i have to agree with you there. I was the poster in German and i have lived and worked here since 1972 so i do know them very well. I can assure you Sail is a lady. An uncalled for barrage in German from the female post in that tone was totally uncalled for. maybe you can read what the lady wrote and then you will see the reason for my barrage in return.

As the Germans would say "Nix für ungut"


head banger

RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

I have no idea whether it was media controlled or whether it was a Black op. Just a shame so many had to lose their lives.

RE: Did 3000 people really die on 9/11

mmm some very interesting evidence given to us by a fully fledged Aeronautical and Structural Engineer. As usual also the findings fully and explicitly documented.


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