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RE: Is physical punishment good for children?

I've always given my daughters their age in dollars each week as 'allowance'. This way they learned about money and that sometimes if they don't have enough for what they want... they just have to wait til next week or the week after. We didn't have temper tantrums over things in stores.
The way I controlled my brood was threatening to revoke their allowance. That always worked.

1967. Just think Bobby... by 2020 we will be in flying cars.

Well...Maybe not... But we do have CHAZ, facial masks as a fashion statement, murderous hornets, sharks in volcanoes and the Supreme Court gives half of Oklahoma back to the Indians, and its only HALF WAY over. conversing

RE: s*xual addiction

You don't need advice... you need a good rootin' with a gal named Mercedes on here.

RE: BLM is dividing the nation

Communists infiltrate groups like BLM to further THEIR agenda.
Same is true with other groups they invade. Most recently Animal Rights Activists. One Animal activist recently stated said Antifa (Communists) showed up ready to crack heads and the animal rights activists didn't want them there protesting animal rights with them. Antifa still hung around and caused problems.
Be careful who you invite to your protests.

RE: florida is #1 in covid

Your hate will make your immune system weak and covid will get in and I could see you get VERY sick OP.
You could even pass. Change your heart quickly.

RE: Next statue to go, Mother Teresa

They used to have a color in the Crayola box named 'flesh'. It was the perfect white folks color but they recently changed the name to "Honkey Mofo"
Is nothing sacred? How are little kids supposed to learn their colors?

RE: You're never too old to dance

Ain't nobody gots tahm for dat!

RE: pubs open tommrow in the UK

Ahhhhhh that explains why so many of Irish are here. laugh

RE: the land of the free?

I remember 9/11 happened right before I purchased tickets to Amsterdam. I canceled out.

RE: Donald Trump cancels golf weekend.

It was my understanding Trump and Superman got into a fight and the loser had to wear his underwear outside of his pants.

RE: 4 Days In A Row Pushing 30

All right! It's a Pedro appreciation thread! laugh


C'mon guys.... quit beatin' up on Raph...
It's like you're beatin' up on the retarded kid.
Enough already. scold

RE: Mankind has come to?/Harvesting human oragns from the living In CHINA CCP

Honestly... This is probably why you should NEVER sign up for the organ donor program.
Heard a story where some dude in a coma over hear family and doctor discussing donating body parts and organs and he was yelling "I'm right here!!!!" in his head, and hear last rites etc before pulling the plug and they pulled the plug and he came to on his own before or after the plug was pulled (I forget) and he was pissed because the doctors were pushing the 'let him pass in peace and go ahead and pull the plug, we need the organs' scenario. He was saying "No! No! Don't pull the plug"
And his family thought they were doing the noble thing.

As an organ donor you are immediately worth more dead than on a resuscitator (for however long). smoking

RE: When was the last time you laughed ....?..........:)

Its actually great when two people share the same sense of humor. Good times. Makes ya' closer. hug

All Players In The NYT 'Russian Bounties' In Afghanistan Story Have Slammed It As Fake News

Obvious Rebuttal thread to Raphaels fake news thread

Speaking of Raph... I remember as a young lad lil' Raphy (as he was known then, or Buttercup) once asked his Dad, "Da... can you tell me what a solar eclipse is?"
And his Dad said "No son."
And Lil Raphy ran away and cried and swore that evening while alone in his room...with the silvery moonlight bathing him in the shadows of the laced topped pines.. that one day... he would take... candy from STRANGERS!

All Players In The NYT 'Russian Bounties' In Afghanistan Story Have Slammed It As Fake News

Some are calling it a last ditch attempt to keep Russiagate alive ahead of November. The New York Times on Friday said Russian intelligence officers have been offering Taliban militants cash rewards to kill American and British soldiers.

In the past two days the claims by the usual anonymous US intelligence officials have crisscrossed the mainstream media, with more "confirmation" offered by... more anonymous intelligence officials.

Of course Russia promptly denied it, but more importantly the White House vehemently rejected the report as "fake news" with the president and his aides saying they've never seen such intelligence crossing the president's desk.

Certainly something of this level, which hearkens back to the original 1980's proxy war between Moscow and Washington centered in Afghanistan ( roles were reversed: the CIA spent years funding and weaponizing the jihadists, many of which would go on to make up where it should be notedtoday's Taliban), would have been a top national security priority, something presumably impossible to keep from the commander-in-chief.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Saturday in response to the Times story that neither Trump nor Vice President Mike Pence was ever briefed on such a brazen Russian intelligence plan to hand out bounties.

"This does not speak to the merit of the alleged intelligence but to the inaccuracy of The New York Times story erroneously suggesting that President Trump was briefed on this matter," she said.

And Trump himself confirmed as much, tweeting Sunday morning:

Nobody briefed or told me, VP Pence, or Chief of Staff Mark Meadows about the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by Russians, as reported through an “anonymous source” by the Fake News NY Times.

And rounding things out the Taliban registered its denial as well, meaning that every major player in the NY Times story has now said the story is nonsense.

“We categorically reject the notion of ever planning or carrying out targeted attacks against US or foreign forces at the behest of foreign intelligence or for the sake of collecting bounty, and we also reject receiving material support,” a Taliban statement said.

Recall that the initial NYT report suggested the White House had indeed been briefed. Again it's unthinkable that an alleged Russian operation this explosive could be hidden from the commander-in-chief or top executive branch intel officials or National Security Council staff. The Times also assumes this when it said:

The officials familiar with the intelligence did not explain the White House delay in deciding how to respond to the intelligence about Russia.

While some of his closest advisers, like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have counseled more hawkish policies toward Russia, Mr. Trump has adopted an accommodating stance toward Moscow.

And then there's this line, casting further doubt on the whole thing: "The intelligence assessment is said to be based at least in part on interrogations of captured Afghan militants and criminals."

So we are left with anonymous officials casting a dubious tale of Russian targeting Americans in Afghanistan based on "interrogations" - likely involving torture or perhaps "enhanced" techniques - of militants and criminals.

Maddow Blog
Jun 26
So if this NYTimes report is correct, U.S. intelligence has concluded that Russia offered bounties for dead U.S. troops in Afghanistan, AND has paid out on some of those bounties. And Donald Trump was told in March and so far has opted to have no response.

Aaron Maté
Jun 27
Maddow spent 3+ years pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories about Putin controlling Trump and paranoid fantasies like Russia shutting off Americans' heat during winter. Incredible that it continues with no shame:

RE: Anyone going to a night club tonight ....It's friday

My 'clubbing days' sailed away a long time ago. I'd rather just go to a jazz or piano bar and listen to the music.

RE: What Did You Have For Dinner?

Tonight.... Pork Tenderloin (that's what I'm defrosting) with either scalloped or maybe roasted potatoes and green beans or maybe cauliflower. Unless I'm too tired. (It happens) then its something quick like chicken gumbo over rice.

The Demands of BLM- Do you agree?

Here's a list of the demands posted by Black Lives Matter... Which ones do you agree with? Which one do you not? Discuss.

1.) Reparations

2.) No bail

3.) Release all prostitutes from jail

4.) No Death Penalty

5.) Free Education

6.) Free Health Care

7.) Defund the Police

8.) Cut Military Budget

9.) Redistribute the wealth

10.) public financed campaigns


I simply smile and say "I know".



Actually you're one of the first countries that will be taken over by China as they make inroads to invade Australia
China pretty much owns NZ and much of the Aussie resources. They will invade for their 'national interest' to claim what is LEGALLY theirs.
The only thing that could save you is an :: ahem :: earthquake.
I would NOT want to live down under when WW3 breaks out.

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