RE: Age cut off, do they really matter?

I attribute it wholly to personal choice. (Because I try my best to ignore the obvious scammers. But, there's morbid entertainment value in bating scammers, then turning them in, then watching their profile disappear. Kind of like salting slugs, or baiting rats in the basement. Rather morbid, but the results have an actual positive outcome, and is beneficial to all.)

But aside from that, some people have a choice of what they think is a proper, suitable, or tolerable age-range. I always try to honor it, if I'm too old or too young. Only in the case of obvious discrimination, do I ever complain. I'm a widower, so I take offense to any profile that states, "No widowers!" Yes, there may be scammers that use that line in hopes of a gullible victim, but that's no reason to spread prejudice against me (becoming a widower is a pretty horrible thing to have experienced, and prejudice on top of it is salting the wounds of real widowers, and is absolutely intolerable!).

Just my opinions. Hope it helps.


RE: Fancy words just confuse...

Sorry about suddenly returning to the original thread.....

RE: Fancy words just confuse...

I started proofreading in the previewer, for that exact same reason. :)

RE: Fancy words just confuse...

I did exactly the same thing, and found that they weren't made up, and actually made more sense than the alternatives that I knew. Combined with that, I tried reading the Bible, when I was very young. There were too many "big words!" So, did I give up? No! I persevered. I went through the Entire Bible and looked up Every Single Word that I didn't know, that was used in it. I am no longer confused by such things, in any way.

To this day, I sit with a dictionary by my side. If I recall a word that I wish to use, but I'm not entirely certain of how to use it, I look it up, and not Online! (Unless my spelling is so atrocious, that only the Search Engine's Algorithm is the only thing that can save me.)

So, I to try to target my language to the average person, I don't avoid "Big Words." I expect people to grab a dictionary, or even a thesaurus, and to look these manageable beasties up, and to tame them and to make them their own.

For those that don't, it is a choice, and one is rewarded by their own efforts. (And yes, I did have to use my ever-present dictionary, once, while writing this. :)


RE: how many sides to you is there ?

I don't know, but I've met a lot of people that are two-faced. I guess that multiplies it all by two, right?

RE: If it looks like a duck and ...

And it Quacks like a Duck, then....

...the Demon-rats have been messing around in the chicken-coup again, trying to make a Duck, when they don't have one! They don't have their Ducks in row, because Nobody gives a Duck! ;)

(Humor intended, even if it is somewhat misplaced. ;)


RE: Which are the greatest nation...?

The greatest nation is always, always the one you are willing to fight and die for, if necessary. Also, it is the nation that gives you the greatest amount of peace possible, puts food on your table, gives you a lifetime of proper work, health benefits, and retirement when you age. Lastly, it will prosecute those who commit atrocities on its soil, and protect from enemies abroad.

If you find this place, let me know! ;)


Once-Proud citizen of the United States of America, until the current Demon-rats despoiled it.

The Internet didn't bring us the Information Age, it brought us the Information Rage!

RE: I wish women would make the first move!

They do! They are almost always the one that files for divorce, first! ;)

rolling on the floor laughing laugh laugh rolling on the floor laughing

I hope this helps.


(Comment intended only for humor....)

RE: Anyplace in America A-Z

Latin America. I'm guessing that only 'A' can beat the size and range of this answer. :)

RE: CS Can we please have options on our post?

Admins don't often read the blogs, unless there is a complaint. Use the buttons at the bottom of the CS homepage.

RE: Rate the talent on CS

Poll: Rate the talent on CS(by chancer_returns)

What??!! There's talent here? When did that happen?

RE: EctoLife: The First Baby Factory...what do women think? what do men think?

Well said! Other than shear boredom, I don't know why I bother with these forums. One tends to wonder when Darwin's laws are going to finally kick-in. Lol. It just shows that he isn't as right as some people think, but he has some good points. :) [If he was right, I suspect these forums would be reduced by 70-90%!]


RE: The Impossible is very Possible...

What's confusing about the title? Often the world has thought that something is impossible, then technology advances, then it becomes possible. This isn't England and it's Dark Age, not for us, anyway.

Likewise, many a human-being has been told by a doctor that they'll never walk, or whatever, again, just to hear of that person proving them wrong. And, upon looking it up in the dictionary, it is easy to conclude that the impossible can very often be done, as history has proven.

One meaning of impossible is: "2. not capable of being done easily or conveniently." [Webster's New World Dictionary]

So, quite literally, the impossible is quite possible. It often just takes more work that the person declaring it to be impossible is willing to put out.

Some engineers say that the Pyramids are impossible, yet there they are, indisputably (ie impossible to argue the point, rofl rolling on the floor laughing ).


RE: Perfectionism...

Which part is perfect? The 0 or the 1?

RE: Perfectionism...

My take on the subject is as follows:

G-d told the Jews, "Walk in my way and be perfect." Thus, G-d made us such that we can be perfect, it is simply a choice to do so. And H- says this in more than one way at more than one time, and to more than one person. Thus, from the One that created us, perfection is possible and exists.

From a different point of view, what one person considers "perfect," may vary from what another person does. My view of somebody that is perfect is one that always tries to improve, tries to do what is "right," and tries to do good.

It would be instructive for many to actually read a real dictionary and lookup the word "perfect." In particular, the following is apropos:

"4. without reserve or qualification; pure; utter; sheer; absolute...."

Thus, one can, and in my opinion, should, view perfection as the devotion to the higher good, or to the betterment of one's self. It doesn't matter, so much, how far one gets, but depends, instead, on the effort and intent towards the goal.

It is much like my view of someone who is "stupid." I rarely use that word on anybody, but someone who chooses to not learn, and refuses to do so, is what I call, "stupid." Now, somebody that knows less than this 'stupid' person, whether by nurture, or by nature, will never be stupid to me. Thus, stupidity is a choice, not some type of inability.

Likewise, perfection is the choice to pursue a betterment of ones self, and the actual work towards that goal.

Comments welcome.


RE: Miracle - Have you experienced it...?

Technically, life is a miracle. So, every person and every living creature on the planet is experiencing a miracle, even though many, especially atheists, will disagree.

Everything else (ie other miracles) that happens, is just more of the same, which is to say, good.

G-d created evil, Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 45 7, so that H- could observe who follows H-m, and who does not, and so that we can tell too, since it has been made manifest.


RE: Do you think that she should be released?


So, maybe. ;)

RE: I am glad my mother was a women!

Lol. You got my only thumbs up for this thread. :)


RE: would you wear a mask again?

Try an automotive store. They have some stuff that maybe will work, but it will rub off with use, which could be a concern. Electroplating would certainly be the best. Look on Youtube for ways to Do it Yourself (DIY). Here's a couple, but I didn't watch them:


RE: The Universes & Galaxies & Planets...

Please stick with the scientific method! First, you must prove the existence of a brain. Then you can begin to make supostions about its relative functionality.

lol ;)

RE: you are mine and I am yours

Do you run a random question generator? This question doesn't make sense. Have you ever been married?

Such feelings don't fade, they intensify. Please quit saying such gibberish, please.

RE: the harsh reality of this planet

I believe the harsh reality of this planet is that scammers, world-wide, are an inevitable result of our great accomplishments as the human race. It doesn't matter if it is the scammers in India, or Pakistan, or any of the other top ten scammer nations. The reality is, that at many times and in many places, greed exceeds charity worldwide, especially at the bottom of the world's economic levels. Poor people, all too often, either face famine, or they are forced to resort to illegal methods of gaining income. One can take the "Tragedy of the Commons," from English Law, and you will see this happen over and over, extrapolated over the entire lower levels of the economy, to make the few rich. (The richest, of these groups, are usually the most corrupt, and have enough money to create the corrupt infrastructure, but aren't intelligent enough to do so legally.)

And this basic economic model is the same throughout all levels of the economy. Just because certain groups of people technically obey the laws, they are not always ethical. Thus, the world is rife with millionaires, billionaires, and reportedly, at least one trillionaire. These sit on top of those of us who are poor, and keep us repressed, regardless of our abilities.

This, is the harsh reality of this planet.

RE: Do men and women know what they want from each other?


Did you see the movie, "Free Willy?" Willy had, er, a problem with severe curvature..... He'd been in captivity too long.

RE: if you were God??????

H- is the only one that knows the answer to that question. In Judaism, we believe that G-d is continually creating the Universe, even now.

A trite analogy would be, "What if I were the pilot flying that Jet Fighter, in the air, over-head, right now?" Well, the plane would likely crash as it transitioned between one person that knew what she was doing and when you got there and finally figured out what the heck you were doing! And oh my! I didn't realize the pilot was a woman! shock

Similarly, I would posit that the Universe would "crash!"

Why? Because "Track16," when he looked into the "ladies" changing rooms, he'd find out that it was all of the individual "females," of all species, of all inhabited planets, in all of the Universe. And at the same instant in time, he would be absolutely horrified to discover that he was no longer human, nor male! shock It would likely take eons for him to "rediscover" his new self, shimmy and may never get over the incident of the "Lady's Changing room incident." crying

That's one way we know that G-d is much wiser than we are. :) bowing


RE: Post your current mood in one word


Verbomaniacal ;)

RE: Post your current mood in one word


Though, I did take certain liberties in coining this new term. ;)

RE: How often is "For Free"...Free...?

TANSTAAFL (Pronounced like it looks. ;)


RE: What is Woke?

If I was going to be part of a new "movement," I'd make sure it was well-defined and unambiguous. Woke? Really? It sounds like you are grumpy because the neighbors have been remodeling their house next to you, beginning at 3am in the morning. It makes the group sound unremittingly grumpy. Maybe we should introduce them to the Caffeine movement, and then let them speak a little later in the day after their heads have cleared.

Many people seem to have unlimited wants, and are willing to point a finger at somebody else and say, "He/she took that from me/us, let's take it back?" But, that is just a way to justify themselves.

But, maybe we should start a group of Statue's Rights Activists! Protect those statues who are unable to protect themselves. Most are elderly! And, as one person pointed out, they are crapped on daily, with no remorse!

Yes, to me, the Woke, are just grumpy people needing a wee-bit more coffee early in the AM.

sleep crying stuck sleep


RE: Got Ladybugs in your house?

They can become a problem too, if the infestation is huge. But, I agree. All I ever do with them is assist them in leaving the house, especially in the spring. But if the infestation is large, I've heard that they have quite an unpleasant odor, especially in large numbers. That's the only negative that I've ever heard.

Unless you are terrified of any kind of insect or beetle, etc.

RE: What kind of person is a humanitarian?

She says from her computer..... ;)

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