RE: First letter, last letter

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RE: First letter, last letter


RE: Anyplace in America A-Z

New Castle

RE: Anyplace in America A-Z

Ooops, E was next!

Elko, Nevada

RE: Which side of the bed do you sleep on, and why?

Which side of the bed do I sleep on? Really?

The TOP side of course!

Why? Really?
Because the BOTTOM would be very, very uncomfortable--like, why have bed?!

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RE: Down with Kraft mac and cheese.

The size of Kosher salt is optimized to draw the optimal amount of blood from meat. It isn't saltier: Salt is salt. But the size is very, very important for kashering meat, before eating it and cooking it.

RE: Down with Kraft mac and cheese.

I refuse to call any eggs by that name. I use only kosher eggs and I call them Jewish eggs! :) I sometimes eat them on Shabbos, which is a Holy day. So, I never call boiled eggs that have the yolks whipped with mustard and mayo, etc, as some evil sounding name. Nope. I call them Jewish eggs. Just because it is a Jew who'll eat'em!


RE: Down with Kraft mac and cheese.

Kraft, is not kosher. I won't touch it. If you want what Jews consider to be "unedible", then go right ahead. Kraft's not kosher. Heck, they even spelled it wrong!


RE: How many atoms are in the human body?

Plus 1

RE: Anyplace in America A-Z

Xalapa, Mexico, Central America
Yelm, WA, USA, North America
Zoo Exhibit, Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca, Columbia, South America
Aberdeen, WA, USA, North America

RE: When does a guy think they are being quit witted vs a complete idiot?

Well, if you really meant "quick-witted" -vs- "quit-witted", then I'd say you succeeded in being quit-witted, `cause the wits have quit. doh ;) I'm guessing that you didn't catch the typo, so you can place yourself on that list. :) confused crying dunno

(Please read with a sense-of-humor, even if you have no other sense. :)


RE: I dip my fries in _______ (you can't say ketchup)

thumbs up

I used to love Arctic Circle. I grew up with them and never ate a better burger when I was young: Ranch burger with Chocolate Shake, mmmm. But that isn't Kosher, and I can't eat such things anymore. After eating at Arctic Circle, I never could eat at McDonalds, ew! The taste of their shakes made food travel the wrong direction!

I guess they sold them all now. I haven't been to one in decades.

RE: I dip my fries in _______ (you can't say ketchup)

Orange sauce: catsup, mixed with mayo. (I didn't use that other word, hehe. ;) I usually add several dashes of cayenne pepper too. MmmMmmmm! Fries cooked in an air-fryer, of course.

Yes, that is a proper word. That's the only one I grew up using. See the following:

RE: How many years do you want to live?

60 more years, until 120.

RE: Which Of These Is The Most Important For A Relationship To Last:

Trust is the most important in a relationship?! Are you kidding?!

A PARTNER is the most important thing in a relationship!doh

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RE: Is there an age limit for dating?

Until death comes! You shouldn't ever be at all concerned about age. I have a friend that is 86, and he is with his third wife, and she is on her second husband. They are both wonderful people.

You might just as well be suggesting that people get divorced at a certain age. This is ludicrous! shock

Questions like this shouldn't even be posed, in my humble opinion.

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RE: Share a saying kids today will not know or appreciate?

Sit on it and rotate. (But, I fear, too many did, and still are.)
Put in the boot-floppy first, then boot.
Wow, I just upgraded to a 16-bit computer! It's fast!
Dial/Call the Operator.
Get out the crank, and crank-start it, then. (Yes, I have.)
I'll take you out back to the wood-shed!
Regular or Unleaded? (Especially if asked by a gas-attendant.)
Steel-belted Radial, or Corded Sidewalls (and how many cords)?
Do you want the optional Power-Steering?
Clutch or Automatic?
Just use your Slide-rule!
Like leading a Bull around by its nose!
Want to go to the bar for lunch (during your shift at work)?

It's a Free Country!


RE: School subjects

Mostly it depends on where her skills lie, and what her interests are. Below are what I would consider a minimum for a generic Bachelor of Arts degree:

languages: I place heavy emphasis on this. Spanish, French, Italian, etc, are all good choices.

sciences: Again, without an understanding of science, she'll be clueless about most of the world. Here are the (minimum) basics that I advise: Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Theory, or Introductory Electronics Tech course.

Math subjects: Minimum is differential and Integral Calculus. If she wishes to be in Science/Engineering, then Differential Equations is the minimum.

study subjects (history of the world, of art, of music, etc): electives, can be useful
PE or heath: if she has any health issues, but this can be done independently
Useful (working on a car, DIY, cooking): One must know how an automobile works, but it is fairly simple, her father could teach her, or any adult that knows
Social studies: People emphasis this. I don't. If it is required by the college, then yes, or if she wishes to go into politics.....

Other: Computer science is absolutely essential nowadays, including keyboarding/typing skills. I touch-type, and I learned it in High-school, on a mechanical typewriter. There hasn't been a year, since I left High-School, that I didn't use a keyboard. Now it is daily, six days a week.

Hope this helps.


RE: HELP.........Needing a Computer Geek Who Knows About Chromebooks....................

Chrome book is a google disguised "open-source", but they hide proprietary software in it, and you may pay, in many ways. Don't buy a chrome-book. Look at Braver-broweser, instead!

RE: Can you live without a mobile phone?

At least in the US, 911 still works, even if your cell-phone isn't activated. I always suggest that people that don't have cell-phones, like me, get somebody's old one, keep it charged, and take it with them everywhere they go. If something happens, just power it up, and dial 911.

I am into Amateur Radio, so I almost always have a radio, so I never take any of my old non-provisioned cell-phones with me.

How long can I go without a cell-phone? 59-years, and counting!

RE: Why homelessness is a big world problem

When G-d gave the land of Milk and Honey to the children of Israel, H- said one very important and memorable thing: "Take care of the poor, for they shall not perish from your midst." (Paraphrased) That is a very poignant statement. If G-d, who was directly caring for Israel at that time, said the poor would not cease from being in their midst, what chance does the rest of world have?

Secondly, since we have so many millionaires and billionaires in the world, and taxes, which takes trillions. How does anybody survive? It is, to me, a miracle that most of us seem to do rather well. It never, ever matters how much money you make. Because, the rich just raise the prices to keep on top at all times. There used to be the concept of "fair-price". Now it is "market-price", and fairness has gone out the window.

I'm one of the few who still believe in fair-pricing, though I very, very rarely ever see it, anymore.


RE: How many toxic people do you know on CS, or elsewhere, guilty of this behavior?

You all talk about toxic people on CS. But what about the tweekers outside my house that the demonrats have permitted to live unmolested: stealing, polluting the harbor without regard to the water, living with impunity?!

But what are you all complaining about the so-called toxic people on CS? What's up with that? Has any person here harmed another? Insulted, maybe. But harmed? I see truly toxic people with their drugs and their wholly discriminant behavior every single day, for the past 5 or so years. I've had a person jump me from behind, been punched in the throat, attacked with a hammer--and always came up on top.

And the chair"person" of the city council is a lesbian that has promoted homelessness continuously: I knew her before she became council"person"--without being elected, I might add.

And the city councils live with impunity too.

But, the common folk, like me, do not.

So, quit whining about "virtual" people that have the teeth of rabid slug! Quit wetting your pants, just because you are such a wienie that a slug chases you to the four corners of the earth. There are real problems in this world. Yes, we get frustrated. But if you have to pee your pants at every turn, go buy some Depends for your wetting problem, and some duct-tape, for your mouth problem.


RE: More Evidence of Voter Fraud!

Listing the an UPX address, rather than physical residential address, it a pretty lame claim to election fraud. (Followed the links above.) Especially as compared to the box stuffing the Demonrats have gotten caught doing, including Judges. Really is no comparison.


I'm retired, 59, and Jewish, so I get a lot of that too.

The vast majority of people here are scammers. If you mention that you are disabled in your profile, I suspect the scammers figure you aren't rich enough for their tastes. I was talking on the radio a while back. One of the guys has an "ex" that is way over-weight. She sends out her HS photo and lives off the money that rolls in.

Just a fact of life. Human nature is always at its lowest when people are left to their own devices. And this place is a perfect example of that.

So, the answer is, "The good women aren't taken; they just aren't there anymore." (The women have the same or worse problem.)


RE: Does anyone eat meat anymore?

Not at all. When I was in England, we stayed in Redhill. There was an Indian restaurant two blocks away. I ate there at least once a week. Their lamb was exquisite. Even a bad Indian restaurant does amazing things with meat. But the vegetarian ones are great as well. Indian food is just good. I've found very few things I didn't like in an Indian restaurant. There are always things I like better, but, nothing there is bad--unless you can't handle spices, then you're in trouble, lol.

RE: Does anyone eat meat anymore?

Amy's are fake kosher. They stamp a meaningless K and sometimes write "parve", but I never touch those.

Yes, you should try those restaurants. Pabla's, near Seattle, used to have an all-you-can-eat for lunch. The stuff is a little spicy, but good. Too much salt too, but just do a salt-fast before you go there, and unless you have severe salt restrictions, you should be good to go.

I used to love the Lamb Pasadan(?), but they put milk in it, so it can never be made kosher, unless you use coconut milk, or similar, but I doubt it would taste the same. But Lamb is good even if you just bake it in the oven and eat it with nothing else on it. Mmmm.

RE: Does anyone eat meat anymore?

Only kosher restaurant within 100 miles is a kosher Indian restaurant. Great food! I hope they open back up, but they can't find anybody willing to work, since Covid. Loved that photo, except it is making me hungry.

But, I have some Indian food in my freezer, so I thing I'll just go grab a bite to eat, lol.

Thanks for the delicious photo.

RE: What are you afraid of?

I fear G-d, and nothing else.


RE: What are you typically doing on Friday night?

You poll is hopelessly inadequate.

I'm Jewish, and all Observant Jews, worldwide, sit down to a candle-lit dinner, 18-minutes before sunset (or a little earlier, in the higher latitudes, if they want to), and we begin Shabbos, the Day of Rest, the Seventh Day, as it has been done for well over 3000 years, as I will do in 5 minutes.

Shabbot Shalom,

RE: Last two letters start the next word

(American colloquial)

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