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Warning, A scamming trend

By Bernard G. Vance, Dr.Ed and Elina, M.Hum

In the last few days we have seen a real strong rise in Romance Scammers impersonating “Pet Lovers”, “Animal Rights Groups Members” and /or “Vegan” as a ploy to get into a group and start developing their scam by friending the members. The genesis of this particular group of scammers (cells in Asia) is that they think these groups of people are more compassionate and more amendable to being taken in and entrapped in their scam.
The Scammers use information about “Animal Rights Groups” or “Pet Lovers” harvested from Facebook Pages or other internet websites, to study the activities of the group then develop a campaign to infiltrate the group and befriend their members. Once they have been accepted in a group they will harvest all the information on the members from each website or Facebook page the attempt to develop friendships with the members in the preparation of ensnaring them in a “Romance Scam”

Remember that you must look closely at any new internet contact and watch out for the red flags that would indicate that they are not whom they say they are. If you are not sure do a “Google search”, an “IP or Header search” and if you have a picture do a “TinEye search” to verify who you are befriending. Scammers will use any means to infiltrate a group and try and perpetrate their scams, by pretending that they are members of a special group of people, (gamers, writers, pet lovers, sports clubs, and poetry, etc.) to get you interest and empathy.

All these criminals want is to get in side of your defenses and attempt to find a way to steal your money. The particular trend right now is to pretend that they are a “Pet Lover” or a member of an “Animal Rights Group” using that is the route to develop friendships in which to perpetrate their criminal scam.

"Do not Feed the Scammers"

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So glad I quit FB banana
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