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Is Your Relationship Dysfunctional?

Is Your Relationship Dysfunctional

Relationships are volatile, and are subject to changes depending upon the circumstances. Some couples manage to tide over the rough times by accepting that conflict is unavoidable. These are healthy and functional relationships. But there are those relationships where none of the partners is able to handle the hardships. These are called dysfunctional relationships.

How do we recognize if a relationship is dysfunctional? Most of the time, some serious introspection always helps. And if the problems are extremely serious, you may want to seek the help of an expert. Here are some of the signs of a dysfunctional relationship.

1. A constant feeling of bitterness – If you find yourself angry and bitter a lot of the time in your relationship, then you must seek some help. Most of the time, your anger may be due to things that are related directly or indirectly to your partner. Sometimes, it may be something as trivial as not calling at a particular time, or not responding to a text message.

2. A feeling of claustrophobia – If you feel like you have no breathing space, or get constantly nostalgic about your life before your relationship, then you have a problem. If you have thoughts about how free you were before this relationship burdened you, then it is a sure sign that the relationship is dysfunctional.

3. Losing your identity – You find yourself constantly adjusting yourself or changing the way you do things simply to appease your partner. You feel an obligation to alter your life as your partner sees fit, because of the fear of being alone or them leaving you.

4. Total absence of confidence – If you have absolutely no confidence about saying anything to your partner or having an independent opinion, then it is a serious problem. Partners in a healthy relationship are not afraid to have the occasional difference of opinion because it is only natural. A lack of confidence or self-esteem might also lead to a person withdrawing from family and loved ones because of the pain of their relationship.

5. Constant tension – You are always worried about something or the other when it comes to your relationship. You may either be worried about what you said, or worried what the other person is thinking. This feeling of constantly being on edge stifles your true nature.

6. Constant fights/arguments – If you find yourself constantly fighting or bickering over trivial issues, then it is a sure sign that your relationship is dysfunctional. Constant fighting also leads to partners feeling bitter towards each other and generally unhappy.

If you find any or all of the above symptoms plaguing your relationship, it might be time to seek help or liberate yourself from the dysfunctional relationship.

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