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The CS blog counter currently shows 60,495 blogs. I see occasionally someone will bump an old blog and bring it to the top. It's interesting to see what topics people have written about and how many good blogs that didn't have an audience faded away so quickly.
Time permitting, I would like to read more blogs from the older members who no longer visit this site. It appears that many of the well known bloggers weren't here to find a mate, but came here for the interaction of blogs and forums. I used to blog on another site and noticed much the same. Blogging about gardening on a politically active blog site didn't get many responses. Some fade away for that reason.

It's all about the venue.

Entertainers know that. Growing up and watching lots of TV, I would hear about comedians working resorts in 'The Catskills' where they learned what jokes worked best for general audience tourists. They wouldn't get the same response from working in Las Vegas because the audiences there are different.

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They are ALL old blogs to a mayfly. laugh
Time is relative.

It's rare & nice when a good unnoticed blog is resurrected.
head banger
MrRick77: "Stay Puft"(meet us in the puzzles)

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