Space X

1 hour 48 minutes to lift off peace

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The dog's going to miss you. hug
there's nothing like a big, thick rocket penetrating the less known.
Chancer, lol it's not like space is a virgin
*resists temptation to make black hole joke*
uh oh
Chancer, the black hole is so sensuous and could one resist?
once again, i lost Chancer. he's not into pretend life cougars
i'm trying to keep my rocket in my pants until marriage
Chance, there is a special part in my heart for you
Launch called off due to adverse weather conditions sad
Chancer, that only makes the event more exciting. like a space tease
It's a limp biscuit for now moping
Chance, it'll be ok. America will come back stronger and you'll have more to talk about
Rescheduled for Saturday
i'll see you saturday. ;) how fast can you run?
If someone steals my beer, very
it's so cute how i'm not wanted but you're nice. lol
I missed my flight......again.sad flower

They said they'd wait......they lied.crying

oh well it's starting to rain, nap time. yawn

I got the best watermelon today
Just finished balling it and it's in the frig. waiting on me. giggle
Oh they are waiting!!
I was so quick to judgesigh
When do they try again? wave
Oh, this afternoon, hope they get it in. thumbs up
Today peace wave

Coverage starts in 2 hours. The launch scheduled for a little over 4 hours later (15:22 eastern time)

Do you happen to know the route it will fly? I got to see the last shuttle flight from my garden, it flew directly overhead.
That's cool zman. You're talking about in Andalusia? I'm not sure what the route is - i guess we'll find out later!
How's the weather, is it a go? thumbs up
Seems to be on schedule cheers An hour to go! Probably a good time to tune in!
Here's the link again:
2 minutes and counting wow
All the best thumbs up
Didn't realize it was flying over the coast of Ireland. Looked out my window - didn't see anything laugh
Launch and initial phase successful. Speed of 27,000 km/h reached wow shock Next phase planned docking at international space station tomorrow
Great success! handshake
Docking to come, and then the return

Lovely Web interface here
Yeah that's cool Fargo, and you can watch the livestream there by clicking on "WATCH DEMO-2 MISSION"

Due to dock on the international space station within 45 minutes
A good time to tune in!
Successfully docked. Travel time approximately 19 hours
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