How many thoughts are in your head daily ...?

Off load some here ......welcome to my mind folks.......

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no blanking bloggers nowconversing
Many many, infinite, one replacing the other...and then the real problem is, these are inconsistent.
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I wake up every morning with thoughts of ''grateful' feelings 100%
Well after the sleep, its almost a thoughtless status...thumbs up
spread the love was always my aim....go goprofessor
I try not to think about it.
I enjoy your threads in the forums Pedro. I think that people that know you just take you as a "pinch of salt" A funny guy that likes to make "threads" and we enjoy it sometimes. I think (just my opinion ) regarding "Blogs", that it's a bit more "serious" here. I may be wrong and if so, I apologisecheers
If I had a penny for every thought, I'd be a rich lady by now conversing
Pedro, no count possible. Thoughts come up from the subconscious, some are only half-seen, which are "in my mind?" I know a young lady who has trouble controlling what comes up. She say ludicrous things and laughs at jokes which aren't funny and she sometimes does have the sense not to say outloud. ADHD. The question is do you really know what is in your mind?
I don't catch my thoughts during the day, however when I try to sleep they come flooding in loud and louder.
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