the irrationality of attraction

the irrationality of attraction
was it his eyes
his smile?
his need or
my need?

my rearview mirror reflects
middle finger up
thumbs down
burning rubber

the irrationality of attraction
bad medicine
for a heart ache
better to take some

what did i ever see
in them?
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My meek words wouldn't give you justice from your thought provoking poem.

So different yet similar
My thumb is down yet rising
My middle finger is rigid and wants your crown.
When the rubber hits the road, I'd love to lay tyre tracks on your back
But alas my love...........the track is foretold.
Brace yourself as you unfold

That's a thumbs up by yours truly thumbs up
hug it's my bedtime-ish.
Thanks for sharing that.
Nice post cryptorchid thumbs up

Truth and Faith, Belief

Our whole life is governed by truth and faith. Where truth is logical, while belief is irrational. Logic has a limit because human brain is limited, whereas belief is unlimited.
Our body is governed by both logic and feelings, emotions. Our body (cells, organs) works on logic, but the feelings (the software which control whole body) works on belief, faith. Without feeling, our body is just a logical robot.
The relationship built on logic alone is weak.
The relationship built on feelings alone is painful. But a relationship made up of both logic and feelings is strong. The same is with attraction. Only logical attraction is meaningless. Attraction should be both logical and emotional.

Aspirin will relieve physical pain, not emotional pain.

We need to strike a balance between logic and belief, brain and heart (feelings).

Embedded image from another site
i like your graphic
I've got no idea why I'm writing this. It has absolutely nothing to do with the price of fish so please bear with me, bare-back preferred but that's another story.

""the irrationality of attraction""
Since it's approaching summer here, I bought 2 different kinds of tomatoes (you say toMato, I say toMarto), and 2 different kinds (genus/species) of corn seeds. I'm hoping to cross pollinate the 'different types' to produce something different.

"the irrationality of attraction" isn't just unique to humans, it's a fundamental aspect of life. Opposites attract. There's a method in the madness, I just haven't figured it out yet but, after all 2 completely different species mate, mutate and produce.

Oh, BTW, I'm growing a couple of dope plants as well but that's another story angel

You're awesome lips
BD, if you add a pepper you can make instant salsa. thumbs up
tip hat
i'm glad you're decent. don'[t want anything unseemly on my blogs. haha
Just another tit bit which is totally irrelevant regarding growing a couple of dope plants.

Personally I dont smoke weed. Not because it's naughty or anything like that. I grow them because I can and besides, one of my brothers smokes like a chimney.

I'm an insular person, I over think things and prefer my own company. Weed makes me paranoid but as the saying goes "smoke em if you got em". I just appreciate the fact that I can grow weed even though it's illegal here but rules are meant to be broken......that's what I'll tell the judge anyway if caught professor

My poison is grog, more the merrier cheers
why am i squinting while reading this?
Open wide, the days of squinting are over red rover. head banger
i need a grilled cheese
i need some Twizzlers
"i need a grilled cheese"????

Is that an order?

I wouldn't say those words out loud in public if I was you because according to Lee the should be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

You can beet an egg but you can't beat a root.

ps. Apologies to Lee if he's reading this. Just joking bro

uh oh
my dear BD, i've been liberated by biology. i can no longer be in the family way. i still lovezzzzzzzz my cheese
Apologies Palm. The booze is starting to kick in and I'm talking nonsense.

The vortex is starting to spin, let me out of the vortex.

All said and done before I log out. You're beautiful, not just your looks but the way your mind ticks over. Like I've said before, you're genuine, unique, and spunky thumbs up
BD, just do me like a stallion. god, doh
crypt you really class up this joint.thumbs up bouquet
My stirrups are stirring.
My mount is paramount yet forgiving
Let's ride together my petal as we make soft, delicate dough together.
The yeast is rising and the tide waits for no one least of all the Stallion.

Ride with me,
Buckle up..........sit tight as we ride into oblivion
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