Missing in action.

Royal Marines make mockery of US troops just DAYS into training exercise.

Where's Bohemund when you need himgrin
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Well for one, in *my* Marine Corps, it was before Don't Ask Don't Tell. If they found out that you were a Ballchinian, you were out of your unit on a red rocket and processed for a Section 8 discharge, likely painting rocks in admin for a year, waiting for your papers to clear.

We had no Bradly Mannings or trannys or Muslim soldiers for Allah, like at Fort Hood.

In my Marine Corps, we mock-fought the Royal Para-Marines in Norway, above the Arctic circle, in February.

In my Marine Corps, we forced the Brits into ... as you might say... a "humiliating defeat" three times in the course of that exercise.

So, Bo and his Corps did fine when it was our turn. Post Clinton, Post Obama...?

It's a different Corps, since, in my day, no kawkgobbler would dare show his face.
That's a purely academic question, as he will never be needed. dunno
@ Bo

Well I did post it under "comedy"

Lighten up soldier.laugh
I'd say he's whipping his naked back until it bleeds, in a desperate attempt to cleanse himself of worrying urges..

Some people class themselves as "necessities of life"

Fortunately I don't grin
An overactive imagination together with an inflated ego will often create an exaggerated personality, seeking similar companionship to bolster their fragile self-worth.
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