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It's easier to buy a gun, isn't it? dunno
There should be a subject of self-defense in the school syllabus, in which every girl must pass practically.
In this way girls will be capable of self protection from childhood.
Its a nasty world these days. There are guys out there with dirty minds and will take any opportunity they can get. I used to live a bit of a wild life style. I always treated women with respect but I seen lots of guys who didn't and between what I saw and what I was told about from both guys and women, I am convinced it is a good idea for all women to know self defense.
I attend Body combat three times a week..One hour session each class..Every session is different

Oh wow
i am a bit slow these days so carry alarm in my pocket and keep my knee strong laugh
This is all very well and good in theory.

However the best advice for women is not to put themselves in vulnerable situations in the first place.

These actions won't save your life if you're walking through a park late at night or hopping into an Uber in the wee small hours after nightclubbing with girlfriends.

Or simply walking home with a bag of groceries minding your own business.

A guy grabs your hair from behind, throws you to the ground and punches you in the face, where does this advice come into play then?

Be aware of your surroundings always ladies, walk purposefully and do not put yourself in vulnerable situations, this is the best advice.
It strikes me as one of things you have to get really good at in order to win. You might say it's safer to simply hand over your possessions than try to start a fight. It's always been a bit of a nice home fantasy, to take some karate and think you can fend off people whose dad could batter your dad.
Or even if there was guns. A bit of a fantasy that by having a gun yourself you'll fend off an attacker with a gun who also has the element of surprise. You're so on the backfoot.

The correct response is to tighten the borders and get the workshy police off Twitter and onto the streets of the urban jungle where they may be useful.
I want a big dog so bad. I love my little 3 lb Chi but not for protection. I've never felt as secure as when I had a big dog by my side. Sadly in my community big dogs are not allowed.
Defund the police in precisely the opposite way to which they are doing. Defund the police everywhere but the moral swamp of the city(and the border), you don't need them in the sleepy areas messing around on Twitter, terrorising the old people and their few young carers. You want to sack them and concentrate forces into the arsehole of the real world.
Do do the social work and the drugs rehab but don't pay for it by taking police away from the worst areas of society. Pay for it by rationalisation, pay for it by firing the police you don't need who don't do anything of value. Swathes of the west are becoming like a retirement home and in that context the police are if anything the worst example of public sector jobsworth.
There are those who say f*ck em, you reap what you sow from open borders but I don't think so. I say forgive them for they know not what they do and the truth is we can make the streets safe to walk at night. As dark as diversity is we also have swathes of the country where there are no young people and this is a lack of organization. We don't need to watch the nursing home like a hawk no matter how many officers would prefer to do that for a living rather than confront a man with a knife.
We have a surplus of police in the sleepy areas where the old and frightened like the police as some sort of security blanket. The police are only popular amongst these people who neither actually use nor know the police. They're just there to create an imagined sense of order like in Japans police nobody comes to any less harm for them being there it's just a need for something to fear than any immediate and present danger. But then in the city the total opposite is the case. You're left with no protection, absolutely nothing in a context of real danger.
The problem is a police only to be found when you don't need it, nowhere to be found when you do. As though they were love or hate one of these things that always come in just when you don't need it. If we could take the emotion out of it we could have a police fit for purpose, a police that comes in when you need them just get the map out have a look at the demographics, think about it for a minute. Wouldn't we like this? And what's the alternative? Shining a luminous bat symbol into the sky?

Women are more likely assaulted by their spouse or loved one...random attacks not so would appear that men are in need of some kind of therapy...however women need to figure out their risk assessment and follow a plan...knowing some kind of attempt of physical combat may be useless...disappearing maybe the only way...

You're right, but its still good to know depending on where you spend your time. Anyone who likes the night life can be at a increased risk as it usually involves alcohol or drugs which make some guys do bad things. I seen and heard lots back when I was partying and I know that if those girls knew basic self defense, they would have had a lot better chance.
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