On the rag...

Breaking News: Amid rising costs and material shortages, the latest in the never ending strain on consumers has a break in the supply chain of what normally is considered female sanitary protection. Yeah, who would have thought this could have happened?
I see many of you are grasping at straws and at your wits end over the House Committee Investigations, while some are foaming at the mouth trying to come up with any plausible (or totally from another planet) reasons to debunk the results of the 2020 election, the others are literally 'on the rag' about this situation.

Oh, it's so sad...
I feel for ya!


The tampon shortage is partly because there is a cotton shortage.
Probably like the toiled paper shortage, hoarding is also causing the tampon shortage.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is blaming transsexual men for the tampon shortage.
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You do know that “on the rag” is what men say to women who are being emotional..in their words...

I always thought it was what a weak man and controlling man said...when he did not want to listen to a woman’s opinion.

I used to think you were an ok guy.

Lately, you have become very much a shit stirrer.

Kinda like, when a woman from Australia was deeply used by a man that posts in the blogs.

You stirred stuff to get a reaction....which in turn, hurt a woman more than the man had hurt her.

I wonder why a man who has a wife..has to be on the blogs so much...
gone, yes although 'on the rag' started out as a woman thing, it's been street talk for nearly any person who whines, justified or not. The inspiration for the blog was a news report of a Tampon shortage. I found the topic appropriate for so many complaint blogs.

I am a nice guy, ask anyone. Regarding stirring shit, it's a mirror to what is happening on blogs, mostly done in humor. Sorry if you didn't see that. The handful of people pounding blogs with political agenda are only super-fueled by current events.

Regarding the guy who bragged about his relationship with a female member who was in his city... If I recall, I commented in a response to another blog, done to dispel rumors about the situation. Yes? Did someone say anything to my comment?

We all know that guy has thrown lots of nasty comments to other members. I take his hits from time-to-time.

I've been blogging for at least 20 years. Before that, I would sit at a radio transmitter talking to people half-way around the world. Blogging is more fun. Why ask why?

It's not a big deal, is it? Less than 30 people in the blogging community.

Well, I have a very good memory...

When I first joined this site...I had pictures and a real profile...

I thought some people here..might be honest and actually looking to find someone.

You sent a like to me...

I looked at your profile, and it said you were married...

Anyways, I wouldn’t want my husband or boyfriend..sending likes to women on a dating site...

Have a good day Chat...

Take your wife to dinner tonight!!!
gone, this may be our first dispute... laugh

Never is a strong word. I NEVER sent anyone on CS a like.
You did...when I first joined.

The reason I looked at your profile.

Anyways, maybe you are not really married..

Kinda makes sense to me.

Because you blog about things that one would talk to their spouse about.

Maybe lay off the political stuff.

It is tiresome....and, no one is going to change what they think.

I have said it since the election....people will believe what they believe.

In the end, the party that is blamed for this recession..will lose.
Let's see if this works...
Embedded image from another site
I know..that’s all that matters...

It was when I first joined....

We know we can clear it.

I don’t even bother looking anymore...

The two-way radio brought back good memories of my Dad...He was not one to talk on the phone..He was old-school and had a two-way radio in his early years of plumbing...He had a cell phone but never used it. Phone calls would be to my Mom..and, she would fill him in..on what we talked about.

When he became ill...he would call me...to make sure I was taking him to his doctor appointments...and use CB talk....I always thought it was funny...

Thanks for giving me a good memory...

The man could talk your ear off in person...about the good old days and religion...laugh
Talking about nothing on CB or HAM radio is referred to as 'Rag Chewing'
"Yeah, we rag chewed until 2am"

The Bee Gees when they were kids...
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