How did we do?

Last month, my car had some damage from a de-laminated truck tire recap on the highway that a car along side of me hit and it flew into my path.

The insurance company arranged a rental and body shop for the repairs.
Everyone did what they were supposed to do.

I returned the rental and received texts and emails asking: How did we do?
The insurance company sent a few emails asking: How did we do?
The body shop sent a few texts and emails asking: How did we do?

You all did good... but I don't respond to surveys and 'back patting' reviews.
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You're a hard man Chat laugh
Really, they're just doing a follow-up to make sure you got the best of service and giving you an opportunity to sound-off about any failings in their service to you. My take is that's really good business ethos.

A non-reply from you would be filed as "another happy customer". You know... like messages on CS you don't reply to, is actually sending a message by not sending one. laugh

Guilty... blushing
I had money in a credit union what was somewhat dormant.
They charged me $5 a month for non-use but it carried a free insurance plan.
The plan is only good until I turn 70... hey, I'm 70.
No reason to keep the account, so I closed it and walked away with a cashier's check.
A few days later, I got a 'How did we do' survey that I ignored.
I got a 2nd request now.

Interesting, I opened that account in 2000.
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