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Earlier this year, I noticed a few sites have changed security that requires a Logon to view webpages. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to name a few. Direct links from other pages works... sometimes, but attempts to access a main page requires the user to logon.

I'm predicting there will be more and more of this to where all media sources will require some kind of registration/membership to view their content.

Regular visits to Google asks me to logon... I ignore them, but the day may come where I'm unable to do any searches without being 'connected'

Unless a YouTube video is restricted to adult content, videos are open to view...
When I search on a song or artist, they and others like it keep popping up until I clear my cookies and cache files. With a logon, YouTube would have more control to select adds they think the user would view. That would require clearing the history in the membership file.
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From what I have witnessed lately on here I'm amazed the site allows people to post such garbage

No accounting for taste it seems.grin
What garbage?
It is a method to get customers so they can attract ads. My attitude is fine. Can't view, go elsewhere. That is the fight with Musk. He backed away from Twitter because they falsified how many accounts. It strikes me as stupid for some companies to do biz on Facebook. Anyone who is not a member, either is limited to what they can view or worse. That is not a good way to attract a customer. I believe FB has been losing members too.
I prefer a companies own website but understand that is harder to create than just do FB. My local paper is on line. The rag is now owned by mega paper company. So local news is a joke. I check on line. On my old PC, they gave up trying to block to subscribe. I check on a tablet too. And think they expect me to pay to view one story a month that interests me? I look at the paper at the dentist. Take away the sports, take away the fluff, take away the new you get off TV and what is left? Yet they think those 6 pages are worth 250 a year. I used to buy that USA paper or whatever it is. Now it is 2.50 per paper. Pass.
Exclusivity only work when it is for a must have that tons want. Otherwise it is a path to oblivion. yawn
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