is mailbox down or something?

i cant access the mail box :( anyone eles has the same problem
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Nope, all seems goodthumbs up
Mines ok.dunno
I sent a flower and a friendly mail...If your box is working u should get them!

Hope ive been helpful!!
handshake cheers
alot of stuff gos to my filter box as well...So maybe that is happening to u 2?cheers
Maybe you exceeded your limit for the amount of mail sent?
theres a limit?
i just figures mozila isnt working right XD thats for the help
are u getting any java errors or anything like that popping up from Mozilla?...One of my Javas crashed last night in mozilla.confused
Nope. Mine is working fine.
I hope you solve your computer issues. tip hat
nope mine works fine don't worry about the mailbox it's probably just bills anyway .lol.
i could send you hate mail to test your mailbox .
It's just you tongue
when i looked this morning, it was up, not down. he, he.

I think as well the mailbox is down sometimes, because i never receive mail :)

Well a good excuse for not begging for mails...

Please WRITE MEEE!!!

comfort It's not you
No problems with my mailbox.
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