OMG ! Have you seen this ?

Lingerie football ! cheering

OK, for those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing this,
imagine, if you will, 2 teams of lovely very fit ladies
truly competing against each other in a tackle football game.
I promise you, that I am not making this up. It exists ! Life is good !! applause
Still don't believe me ? Do a search for LFL ( or Lingerie Football League). I'll wait.

Their uniform is matching tiny boy shorts & bikini tops & garter, along with shoulder pads and helmets with clear face shields.
If that's not good enough, they have cheerleaders too. applause

Now, these gals are actually decent athletes and it's not touch football, they hit each other and make real tackles. Naturally,
some are much better than others.... in more ways than one wink
The field is 1/2 the size of a regular football field and they never kick the ball. They have 4 downs to make a first down (10 yards) or the other team takes over ball possession after the opponents 4th down.
It's a fast game more like arena football. Nothing like fast women. laugh
However, extra points after a touchdown are run or thrown in, more like the 2 point option in the NFL.

I was confused though. confused
I wasn't sure whether to get romantically aroused, love
or actually root for one of the teams. yay

Hmmm. I wouldn't mind seeing this live and meeting some of the players. Hey honey, wanna huddle ? laugh I love it when your backfield is in motion. laugh If they get close too the sidelines, they might get me for illegal use of hands though. wink

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wow would love to watch this football even i gues this is a lil expensive...what you think????confused
Can you imagine a bunch of men playing football in only their underwear? Fekking ridiculous! The fact that you even posted this makes you look like a misogynistic pig.

Although, I must say those two women look like they could easily kick your a**.cheering cheering
wouldn't mind being the meat in that sandwich, how shallow of me i know, pity, its not rugby, into the scrum, or is it the bum. LOL
N - I can't speak for other men, but I enjoyed watching it earlier. tip hat

V - I'm only reporting the fact that it exists. You ladies have been hooting & hollaring about the tight pants in the NFL for decades, so tough titties ! laugh
Don't expect me to apologize for admiring women who DO keep themselves in great shape. tongue
And by the way, it is called PIGskin. laugh

G - I'm sure that sandwich might be a rather satisfying meal. wink
Come on men they are there to make money, somebody got to pay the doctor for those boobs.I wonder if they will fall out.
Dude iv seen it and love it these girls rock im sure most people think this is a lie but i enjoy the fact that these girls will go out and hit each other harder then the guys in the NFL then fact there is camel toe in every down. this girls come to play and it is kinda sad they have to where Lingerie to get us guys to notice
this is why i gave up watching mud wrestling ages ago cheering
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