lets get this party on

come on guys where is the fun this place has gotten really boring just missing all the fun we had on this site thanks .... john
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cswelcome party party hat balloons cake dance bartender waiter beverage delivery happy birthday readprofile popcorn santa waving happy valentines day
how about this?sheep
that works for me
glad to hear that.
banana banana banana teddybear teddybear
okay...let me choose the song for your party ...

let me check....

how about this one ??

cheering cheering
well from you anything is always better then nothing my dear friend
thanks now its a party
I was also browsed youtube for the party here.
this is cool.
yeah.will be nice.
@ pink : u're the DJ... find the cool ones to heating up the party
thanks my friends
without venus, alf, camel, and carob, there are no parties, thats why the site is no fun anymore, thumbs down
i know i miss them too thats why i dedicate this this to them
I feeling sameway GT.....
hopeing have a Fun rest of us......for them.
hug hug teddybear
did the party end already ????
damn did i miss it doh
dancing banana cheering applause yay hug rolling on the floor laughing head banger wave
May I take part also ..still
love you my friend
yes your invited come on in
came here to give you your own personal hug stillframe and i also sent you another one on jacks, am i forgiven laugh
teddybear kiss hug handshake comfort wave smitten
yes you are forgiven now lets partycool
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