Barnes and Noble, (B&N) . .ok?

Ok, . . I guess I’m gonna skip, . . .the rest of my warm up stories, . . . .and maybe get a little closer to the point, . . .ok/ . . I just found out on here, that some little women, can get really, really, Mad, . . .really. really, Quick, . (
And, . . I kinda Swear, I have never intentionally, tried to hurt anyones feelings, . . Ok?. scold

Anyways, . .For the few little ladies that have gotten to know me, . .well, . .you probably figured out, .that I think logically, methodically, and am kinda, (Results Driven), .
. In America, I say, “Talk is cheap, . . Results, speak Louder, than Words” . . Ok? .professor

So, I thought, instead of writing any emails, in order to meet women, . . . I would just talk for a couple weeks, . .and Then post in a blog, . .kinda; Notice: I will be at Barnes and Noble bookstore, between the hours of 6PM, . . .and 7PM, . .on the next two Sundays, . .
Any little women, that want a free cup of coffee, . . just stop in, . . and say Hello, . . .ok?, . . dancing

My logic was, maybe there are a couple, shy little women out there, that are kinda uncomfortable (commenting on blogs), . .
And if they had the opportunity, to stop in, without me knowing what they looked like, . . . .then If they didn’t like what they saw, . . Then they could just walk right past me, and out the door, . . .and (it kinda gave them the option to check things out, and the (freedom to bolt out the door), if they choose to do so)
. . .. dunno , .

The little women that bolted, . (their only problem was), they wouldn't get their free cup of coffee, . . . .roll eyes
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laugh Think I'm not part of that group..doh I'm not getting mad..I just had to much work, now it is weekend..grin I'm free..grin dancing more time to spend on the net..cheering

I don't know what happen with the other ladies, probably is the winter, they've got a bit cold roll eyes purple heart ..laugh cheers
Hi, how are you great beautiful heart man handshake

If you are not arrogant around women, you are a looser to them. So, why arrogance and why women are so much attracted to arrogant men? From our early ages,... you are too kind my friend,.. sorry about advice. cheers
@johnkin..he isn't arrogant he is friendly..and a good companion to
You're also welkome..hug
hi dear @keesyhandshake i dident say that he is arrogant. he is so great and friendly . unfortunately women dislike. they like men to be arrogant ...sorry this is my experience. dunno
Well I don't think so..I'm different..not all are the same.
girls say they want a sensitive, romantic etc blah blah kinda guy, and when there's one right under their nose they ignore him?
sorry about my poor englishdoh
Maybe dunno I do not ignore anyone, I'm just not ready for the trip,roll eyes I can be sad..dissapointed or have a heart break..does this tell you something?
Have you never had these moments?wine
well, i am talking about common women.dunno
wave guys,,, Aj,, Je ne pas compris confused Have not a clue doh thought I'd just say wave hug
I'm in the mass of common women,nothing special on me,but everyone is unique in his thinking and being, DNA is the same just the combination is different conversing
vous comprenez très bienthumbs up
bien sure..laugh
But where is AJ ?? It is not in his habit to be missing confused

Knock..Knock..AJ are you here..if not I'll be sleeping laugh
violin popcorn....................... doh yawn
Hey Kids, . . john, Sweet Keesy, Darlin Frenchie

I just got back from coffee, . . . and kinda first off, . .

When i say people got mad, . . .. very mad very mad very mad very mad

I'm talkin about, three or four little ladies, that emailed me, . . tellin me, . . I'm fat, . . ugly, . . . old, , . .and they hated my mustache, . . . and one even said, . ."i kinda smell like a Dog", . . .ok?. uh oh

And i'm not gonna disrespect, "ANY" little women, . . .

so, . . i am gonna stay far away from any blogs, about Age, . .Weight, . .or Breasts, . . .(I didn't realize how sensitive, total strangers can get, , . really, really, Quick)doh
Hm..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing what a messy mail..rolling on the floor laughing
Do women get mad about compliments??confused
and John, . . .
I don't think it's got anything to do with arrogance, . . confused

It's just little women, have always called me a normal Dude, . .
and i was always kinda, . . quietly insulted, . . roll eyes

.cause to me, . . it sounds like a lot of people are just saying, . ."You are just Average", . . (and you just need to, deal with it)dunno , .
laugh Average??? don't make me think..laugh
And Sweet Darlin Kees, . .

Yeah, . .some women get very, very, very mad at me for compliments sometimes, . . very mad

Because when I type words(compliments) on my computer, . .
. angel

some little women, (Misinterpret them)(my jokes), . . .on their computer, . . and it comes out, on their computer, . .. devil

the "Exact Opposite", . . of what I meantdoh ,

I think that's why, . . video cams, . .may become more important, in the future, . . professor
It may be true what you say, different PC.'s different translation, but what about Average?? they mention all the things on an average scale??laugh
And Sweet Darlin Frenchie, . .

from what i have been told in the Past, , , .

. Arrogance, . .and funny, . . .and Mustaches have very, very, very, little to do with Anything, . . . professor

The Whole Entire Bottomline: is "Trust", . . .

Trust and Good Intentions, . . is the main thing that little women, . .really, really, really, . . ."Like A Lot". . heart wings

i guess, . . dunno ,
nope . . sweet Darlin Keesy, . .

that's the "mixed up" translation i meant, . . .

When a woman speaks in a woman's language, . .she means one thing, . .

But, . . .

When a guy hears it repeatedly, . . . I guy kinda hears it(interprets it differently), . .

Women speak and Understand, women's language . . .smitten

Men speak and Understand, . .men's language, . .. love

Venus and Mars, . . . .i guess?, . dunno
He..he..IN GOD WE TRUST the rest may pay cash..laugh peace
I don't know sweet Kees, . .

I'll take travelers checks too, . . . . .if it's the "RIGHT", . .little lady, . . .dunno
sorry friend... you are in mistake.
woman say that because they want just have a "test" of men.
They done even know what they want.
You may know better your business..the women soul..the little ladies they like VISA card also..
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Too true, . . .professor

but let's Not forget, . . .about "Mastercard", . . .
the women VISA card also..
thank you dear @keesy its a true confessionkiss
hummm there are many diffrent types of people in the world.
including me. grin
Your story will be helpful to know about love.
I think you have experiences and compassion,romantic person.
aj,i guess i will turn to you man too,thesame what woman ask from you guys,,,someone ask me if i have a visa,mastercard or can i essue a travellers checkque and he will send me in cash thru western union,cos he lost his wallet and he is in a remote area and need the no.of my visa or mastercardlaugh laugh very mad what do this people think of us doing all this kind and do we look so dummy an idiot to them?hell,,imay not be a genius but iam not stupid either,loldoh ,

wave keesy and johnkin and pink,,,have a nice weekend guyscheers hug bouquet
Hi Sweet Pretty Pink, . .

You, . .are very kind and thoughtful, .Thank you, .blushing , . .

and i think that You are, . . .a very compassionate, and romantic young Lady, . . heart beating

with many, many, many, . . . experiences yet To come, . .grin
Dear Sweet Lovely Jeddah, . .

As you should know, . .

It is proper that the Man always pays, . .professor

Just ask any, . . . .little woman, . . dunno , . .ok?

It's traditional, . .in America, . . cool
Morning..It was not in my will to run yesterday evening but my server didn't work from some reason, and told me that the address of the site isn't good.
For the moment I was scared and I've thought that the site doesn't exist anymore..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

So stupid.laugh
@johnkin...laugh isn't a confession , what me concernes my wallet it is full of cards, about three accounts..he..he..

I'm looking just for love , that's all he may have nothing..just a paire of not be naked..laugh

But..yeah..moping I'm not succesfull..they don't trust me..confused I'm most in love with minds..even his body doesn't have to be a beauty..

I have everyting I need..but nobody believes me..wave
Jed, nice weekend to you, I just had a problem with my PC last night..doh I coulndn't post any comment more..the site just desapeared..confused

heart beating cheers
Dear @kessy
I am so sorry about that i am not able to transfer my intent to others.
i know English language a little and a little body language as well also i have learned that i can know people from eyes,writing, pictures,..and so on...thumbs up

i have seen your profile and find out a great pretty lovely romantic lady ,your pics are fantastic specially the one you are smelling a flowers.i like it and i saved that. cheering

in my last comment i was thanking you a bout Confession to a fact that is common in all women. i dident mean you. frustrated
women language is a another language.
i think if i could learn all of the world languages ,i could not learn a little women language.confused
@ johnkin..laugh I know least I suppose you didn't reffer to me..I take not so many things personally..we were just talking around the subject..don't worry..I'm not frustrated ..laugh

It is said..and true ..The truth is why should I be hurt??..I'm not in the mass you've mentioned..

cheers my friend
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