Long, Cool, Woman

Anyone ever met a, . .

Long, . . . .Cool.. . . . .Woman. . . . . . in

a . . . . . . . .Black Dress , . . . . ?

But, NOT to be confused with a little Green Eyed little lady, . . .ok?

and Definitely, don't mix her up with, . this little Lady, . .

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AJ! I have a personal question.
which lady do you like?
That was a little bit wild for me. giggle
but it was fun and learned history. grin
Have A wonderful day.
hi Pretty Pink, . .
i guess in reality, . . . it's not like comparing one apple to another apple, . . . or one orange compared to another orange, . . .doh

Some little women are Compassionate and Romantic Beyond Compare,

Some little women are Clever, Witty, and Intelligent to Extremes,

and,Some little women have a special innocence, combined with determination, and dynamic strength of character, that boggles the mind.

Some women have so many Unique, Diverse, and Remarkably Incredible, Qualities about them, . that it literally, . . Amazes me, . .

and actually, the more little women, that I meet each day, . .

. . the more incredibly confused, . . that I get, . .doh
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