The madness of human behavior

The madness of perceiving human behavior. How can any one person have the ultimate truth of how people
think feel and react to any given situation? Remember the ol classic saying from unique groups of people who say "You don't know me You don't know my heart or mind !!" I think anyone who says that tend to not know who they are either so they say such a thing in defense of being vulnerable to the perception of others
The saying Know thyself is most true. Seeing your life through the eyes of another who loves you unconditionally
often hurts because they will tell you the truth. Those who don't give a f*ck about you will say nothing and focus their attention to others who they feel will fit their comfort zone.
Fair weather friends are just that. when things are going good they are your friends when things are going bad you may find yourself alone.
Beating ourselves up trying to fit in is a hopeless endeavor. If being yourself is not working for ya it is clear you need to play elsewhere or the people you are playing with are not worth your time and effort.
If nobody loves you in your lowest time they will not love you in your highest. If you kick those who do love you and are trying to help you and you may not like the quality of help offered but it is what you may need.
Many call it tough love. Tough love teaches us that others see a gift in you a trait and quality that you don't see in yourself. Those who do love you will stick by you through thick and thin for better or worse richer or poorer and sickness or health the very vows many make but I see they are mostly just words for many. If it were not so the divorce rate would not be so high. We are here to build relationships and friends and maybe find a more tighter relationship for s*xual union and bonding. Yet, I make my observations of the behavior of many here and the overall attitudes about their relationships based upon what they say or ask about in getting or offering opinions.
I think many take it as a joke who could care less about anyone. Many are here to build a fortress that nobody can break through. Many are here for a popularity contest and many have lost their faith in finding a friend. Perhaps those who lost that faith one could suggest try being a friend or at least make yourself available for others to reach out. To be emotionally unavailable you might as well not waste your time screwing around of a date site. This site offers one element most others do not. We can write blogs forums and all kinds of things from games to whatever and it gives many around the globe a chance to reach out to people who would otherwise be unnoticed. Everyone comes from all walks of life and cultures and it sort of made the world a bit smaller and perhaps a bit cramped. Nevertheless, it leaves us with many choices. We learn though that many share the same common denominator that we are never going to be happy behind a computer screen. Yet, imagine if we were all in the same room up close and personal. How would our behavior change?
Suddenly, we would have to face those we hurt or those who hurt us. We would have to either learn to get along or end up fighting for nothing causing undue pain.
In a world on the brink of civil war and nuclear and social political strife all around the tensions are mounting and I believe everyone is feeling it. Yes we can sugar coat it through niceties and poetry but I think we all need to work on our ways. Yes many will say Akel as soon as you change your ways perhaps others will change theirs. Do consider that behavior patterns are hard to change or break and one has to be aware of the sabotaging patterns in order to break them. Yes, I have said like Ghandhi as said many moons ago Be the change we want to see in the world. It has to start with me and others.

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Nice self analyzing.! wink

Let the healing begin..applause cheering

I've had a couple of friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin and they've had me real life.

As for some others it has only been one way but...the rewards sometimes come from other directions.

"We reap what we sow" is my motto.
As many may ask how is it working for us? Apparently nothing I say here is working and in fact has alienated me from everyone. Hence insanity, saying or doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
I think I need to stay off this site altogether or at least just keep my two cents off the blogs as nobody wants to hear whiners and complainers. Apparently I have nothing much to offer anyone here. As for you Daniela if you can only point out how much of an a** I sound like I can figure that out myself without anyone's help or observation
...this site is a wine
Hello AK,

It sounds like you are trying to shoot your foot in the end of this very informative blog. I would say, stand strong and humble.

Just as something else that seems important to myself is emotional intelligence. dunno

...and as long as I am mentioning that...

Maybe discover something bigger than one's self in life.

Not pointing this at you AK...but just saying this in general.

And I was only agreeing with the write up. the OP is saying ....only the ones who care will tell you the truth and the ones who don't give a damn about you they won't .

However...from the above comment...I see contradictions. grin

Hi Johnny. wave

With my good friends...the ones who stick by me through thick and thin...we tell each other the truth without feeling offended as we know it is meant with good intentions.

Now...the OP...yes YOU my friend!...talks about making changes...and has also written in great length about self sabotage...and the comment is contradictory.??? uh oh
our madness is what keeping us

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