50 yrs from now who will care?

When you think you are indispensible and think you're so important today, stick your finger
in a bucket of water pull it out and see how big a hole it makes? How important are we to anyone today?
What kind of impact have we made to each other or to the world around us? One generation grows and reaches its zenith then is replaced by another. Sports stars no doubt recognise this alot. Pop stars movie stars even the leaders of the world eventually fade into the mist of forgetfulness.
If you are a nobody a Jane or Joe average the only impact you might make is immediate family and a few friends. Yet, even the smallest contribution could make a difference in someone's life. It boils down since most of us are middle aged and maybe only have about 30 yrs left to shine until
we go gently into that good nite the question is how do we want to spend that time? I know for me writing useless blogs here and offering my two cents is not so rewarding. Perhaps its the audience or the subject matter? How knows? 50 yrs from now assuming I live for another 20 some odd years and if this site is still active or we have not ruined ourselves with nukes it would be interesting to know if all this bs we write will have an impact to teach the generation after us.
Time waits for no one and it matters not how rich or poor smart or stupid we are it catches up to us and we all will be returning to the dust we came from.
Most of our markers like the millions who passed before us since the dawn of time will not have much to say but that we were here. We may not be considered as vain as the pharoahs of Egypt but we often we seek recognition for something.

The key is doing something worthy of recoginition without seeking it. Being humble giving respect
when properly due offering healing and compassion and the love we recieve should be measured by the love we give.
Consider all thought and action reach to the heavens and I would like to believe there are angels
everywhere here on earth and in heaven and even on CS observing and learning and guiding us to our greatest potential. If we want to make an impact 50 yrs from now that may reshape humanity later start impacting now. Make it count today for tomortow is not guaranteed.

We can ask who will care later for today is all we have but do consider what you say or do today will shape the perception of the generation after. How do we want to be remembered by the generation after?

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It's just time zones, nothing will really change as far as humanity's concerned!

No human being really gives a shit, as long as they keep breathing.

Like your blog and writing...
50 years from now it will be somebody elses problem, so I'm not going to waste time caring now.
Happy New Year!

( and I'm just too thick for you!)
And that comment wasn't directed at the Nip,
though it's nice to see him! Jeepers, a whole conversation
Can be lost, found, misconstrued & innocent peeps
End up in the dung!!

(on phone, so wankered...)
Dont worry Scoobs, all will be forgiven.

...in 50 years.
I'm nearly 50 anyway, but the world from now, in say
A hundred years? We're all f*ck because of ignorant
People and plastic pollution ruining the seas and the Australian
Coral reefs. A whole f*ck eco-system that's f*ck up because of

Sorry, forgot which blog I'm on!
Sorry, looking back, I should have added an 'ed' to the

Word 'f*ck' to emphasise the emphasis in the present
Tense and in the sweary sense, as in 'we're all f*ck:
In 50 years time, climate change is going to completely fk 95% of the people in the world and none of it may matter when people are displaced and dying by the billions.

Reminds me, I may repost my ole blog story, "Origin of the F word" rolling on the floor laughing



Yes, we all only have so much time, so we have to enjoy, prosper and make the best of everything while we can.
Track dude, you're right. Nobody here will be around to
See the aftermath of 21st century man. Maybe we
Should all just keep living for the moment, that's all there
Its a grim picture I know but recent research is saying that as the ice caps shrinks and the far north and south starts to thaw, its allowing pockets of stored carbon to escape. As the temperatures go up, there is more water evaporating and going into the atmosphere which in turn is creating an extra layer to trap heat which will get thicker the hotter is gets. None of this was factored into the equation before. More it happens, the more its speeding up.

We are seeing the beginning of the end now with our weather and climate. Provided we don't all die in a nuclear war, climate change is going to fk this planet up.

A great cause which captures the imagination changes everything. Why did our socialist ancestors suffer through lifetime after lifetime for the 8 hour working day and the end to child labour and debtor's prison? Because they believed in something greater than themselves, an ethos which went out of the window with the self-celebrating capitalist hellspawn of post-war prosperity.

But now this generation of capitalist hellspawn is 50-80 we do have Grenfell Towers, disabled suicides, and effectively a debtor's prison, today's older people leave behind a dickensian world because they never had it so good. A great cause requires a hard life and that generation was bound to set us back 100 years, but this setting us back is what triggers the rebound with a vengeance the youth of today will not only undo the damage of the baby boomers but make a better world than even the baby boomer's parents gave to them. And then their kids will be spoilt by this progress and make the same mistakes all over again.
Yep! Climate change is where it is...

Instead of spawning some nappy-guzzling shitting
Machines, I'm going to do mankind a favour and
Write poetry to an Adonis (on recycled paper).

Why do people want children now anyway?

Chesney Christ, you don:t half waffle about a load of

.... Can you possibly post a comment without mentioning
'baby boomers' (whatever they are), do you work for a
Nappy factory or something?
Have your heavy duty made home in a flood proof place in a part of the world thats not getting too much or too little rain. I am fortunate for now at least being on Canada's east coast. We don't know what its going to be though in 15 - 20 years time.
At least you won't die of thirst! laugh
True enough lol. Don't want to get into a situation of having too much water because that creates its own problems and affects what plants and crops can be grown in the area.
God will provide.
We are on the doorstep of a century which conquers disease, poverty and toil. The memory of a really good person never dies and the honour of being remembered by all future generations is an immortality worth striving for. At the very least no man want his tombstone smeared in piss and graffiti.

And I believe that's why there'll be a war. People need to die and be brave enough to face death before the concepts of legacy and nobility become the fashionable ethos once again.
Yes, quite! One wouldn't want to be smeared in
Piss and graffiti now, at least until one was
Absolutely bladdered or became a statue!rolling on the floor laughing
I thought that song would be fitting considering it was performed 50 years ago and is about a hero who died 100 years ago.

Anyway, if the hard times of tomorrow don't trigger some sort of spiritual awakening where pride in your own people overcomes all obstacles and leads to a future of equality and justice, then we can always draw up a list of the 50 most powerful people and pick them off, then draw up another 50 and another 50 until the message sinks in that it's more dangerous to wrong the masses of humanity than it is to do right by them. Donald Trump wants to hold all people on earth under the sword of damocles so why don't we dangle that sword over his head? Why? Because we're too afraid of dying.

The masses must conquer fear for the first time in their lifetime and the elite must be made to feel fear for the first time in theirs. Do this and we will raise western civilisation from the depths of baby boomer decay into the achievements of the future.
Never argue with a disgruntled Chesney! There's a fine beer
available called 'Oranjeboom', it's Dutch for 'orange tree' apparently!
laugh All things must come back to beer...
Or swearing! rolling on the floor laughing
Once again its unique how the original topic tends to morph away into something else.
My point is if we cant learn to stop the foolishness and silliness here and the overall
complacency how can we make any hope for a future in 50 or 100 yrs from now.
No one person has the ultimate power nor can hold a sword over our heads unless
you give them the power to do so. A bright and wonderful woman on CS wrote a blog
many moons ago about giving your power away to fools and taking your power back to make healthy changes.
Overall, we can intellectualise ourselves to death regarding global warming nuclear war social injustice political uprising disease etc. Yet, knowing all these things the greater sickness is
there are 3 kinds of people in this world those who make things happen and those who let things happen and those who just complain and find fault of why they happened.
If we cant get along in caring for one another hiding behind a computer screen imagine what it be like if we were all in the same room at a social gathering trying to explain our thinking and attitudes. There are 4 billion people on this marble and we appoint only a handful of leaders to represent our basic social order. If we keep seeing upheaval and war its because we have not evolved to a better way of thinking. Everyone has an opinion of how things should be and yet few only get to change them. When I see the kids today in comparison when I was a kid I see these kids exposed to so much violence social injustice crime and dysfunctional nonsense within this country and to think their parents are the nieces and nephews or the children of the hippies of the 60's who preached against the establishment. Our generation if we are age 50 were somewhat cheated out of that moment of being groovy and dropping out to tune in. A time when Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin and the beatles were on the air. The babyboomers were priviledged in my opinion to experience all that and I wish we could have that again. Age of Aquarius an age of enligtenment and healing that was preached back then some claim we are in it now or it is yet to be. Perhaps we are in the age of Sagitarius as it relates to war fire and strife. So, if the Age of Aquarius is the second coming of Christ it will hopefully mean we could enter into 1000 yrs of peace and the Age of Aquarius will happen. Hence, 50 yrs from now though I may never see it unless there is reincarnation I would love to be born into a world of peace and space exporation and to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before besides in their pants.
applause banana
Well...I was wondering the same thing myself as I was reading some of the comments

Very sad indeed! sigh sad flower
Btw...the earth's population is now over 7 billion. Since your estimate of 4 billion the counters have now found another 3 billion hiding in refugee camps..bars..and urban slums.....or hiding in deep concrete bunkers.

Your star Trek reference should read..."boldly going to where no sane person would want to go" laugh
All I can say is STOP killing, terrorizing. Spread love, kindness and generosity. 50 years from now, I'd have been gone long time ago. But I'll make the most of what life offers me. wave
if I'm remembered as a nice thought.. I'm happy enough with that wine
Be the change you want to see in the world -- Gandhi
A couple of months ago I was contacted by a person I met on the forums I was very active on 10+ years ago. He told me that even today he sometimes went there just to read my old posts and that some of them still made him thinking about some things. It was a big forum with a wide range of subforums and variety of topics. I wrote here and there, chatted with people, had fun, entered serious discussions... I hardly remember anything I wrote there any more.

This is not the first time something like this has happened to me. People from the past would reappear and remind me of things I said/did/wrote that meant a lot to them at the time, although I completely forgot about them. And I also remember many people and their words/things they did in the similar manner. smile

Our words are also energy that stays behind and - who knows - maybe helps someone sometimes somewhere. smile Maybe the blog you wrote just for fun helps someone in the future to make some changes he otherwise wouldn't. Or - it might be happening even right now. smile

We exchange energy with each other all the time and sometimes something small for us, can be a very big thing for someone else. smile You never know...

After all, each moment in time is the full experience of the existence itself. There are no small moments. smile

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