No Pot

No pot to piss in or window to throw it out of and every female here looking for a bailout emotional or financial.
Very sad indeed for most fools looking for a woman to please.
So many unrealistic expectations but, many who have alittle something on their plate they are
not expected to settle for less. No point in dragging down others if one is already down.
The goal in life is to pull ourselves up and be the best we can be. What we percieve ourselves
to be we naturally attract and or want to be at the same level of life with another.
Survival of the fittest and if a man or woman is not fit to take care of themselves they wont be fit to care of anyone else. Instead there will be always a level of codependency that will only destroy the potential good in a relationship. We can write all kinds of blogs poetry and thoughts or ideas of what we think of an ideal relationship should be but, if we lose our own personal identity and self in chasing after people who dont want us or has no emotional connection on or off this site its a losing battle.

Nobody wants the drama of others for they have enough of their own. When observing so many who are divorced as if its becoming a norm and if you have not been through the wringer at least once you dont have anything in common. What a ridiculous idea in order to attract another you have to be divorced to show a commonality to others.

Perhaps we are just divorced in understanding the value of love of other people.
A generation divorced of compassion perhaps. Instead we are selfish and often arrogant
angry and too engulfed with our past failures we closed off any hope for future relationships.

For those like myself who never experienced a long term relationship and the work it takes to keep it going for the sake of children or the hope it will improve its not fair to make a judgement call like this. Making an observation on the otherhand is what this blog is about.

Until people have a healthy relationship with themselves on a personal level they cannot have one with others. We all want to love and be loved and nurtured in a capacity we feel comfortable with.
If it takes a million dollars to impress people today or just a humble steady income that may last only for a awhile. For nothing is guaranteed not in the material or emotional world.

People are changed by conditions of life and if they cant adapt they fall on the wayside and it leaves room for others who can. So in our everlasting search for love and understanding in the online world many may never find it because perhaps they are looking in the wrong place.
Many will declare they are only here for the BS posted here for a laugh or two.
Others its hard to tell why they are here for their profiles/resume seems to offer the cookie cutter
ideas that everyone uses. The question is not so much what they say of themselves but by how much effort they put into getting what they want. Life and love can be grand but it can also be like a toilet you get out of it what you put into it.

Comments (10)

I got lots of pot. Everyone should have some pot smoking
Well if you think pot will feed you better than the passion of a woman or a friend when you
are down and out then good luck with that.
Track..I've just got a dose of cocaine. Is that the same? confused
lol not really. Gotta be careful with coke.
Daniela you are already insane without cocaine that is what makes you so beautiful and uniqueteddybear
Well thanks ...but that's what they use in anesthetics...and I'm still numb after 2 hours.grin
A. Nice topic. Yes, most of the searchers on CS are as you describe, perhaps, and we should remember this is a free site. Sadly, some would even argue with the price. But two things. Some people as you describe do have potential for being good committed partners, if given the chance. And while I've been with rich and poor and agree with the adage that rich is better, sometimes folks at the higher end of birth and achievement, however measured, face huge personal challenges that only surface in time, and which can be hard to live with. V-A.
My coffee pot. Is always full .
Piss off then, F#ckface!rolling on the floor laughing
Everybody on the internet wants to meet somebody completely out of their league, thats just human nature...

Same way you dont buy a 10 dollar lottery ticket hoping to win 3 bucks so you can tell yourself its better than nothing... But when she tells me on monday I won 3 bucks, I'll think to myself- of well, better than nothing.

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