CS medicare for all ?

I was making A few notes in my copy book and lo and behold, it happened it was a fate worse than writers block.
The curse of the dreaded paper cut had happened upon me.

Now I am organising a march to address the issue of the lack of good lookin nurses on CS professor

I even invented a catchy chant for the walk cool

Where is LouLou ? Fix my boo-boo ! Where is LouLou ? Fix my boo-boo ! dancing dancing

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Awwww....you poor thing..comfort

C'mere, lemme kiss it better lips
Thank you bouquet hug
But this cut needs LouLou love crying

Where is LouLou ? Fix my boo-boo ! Where is LouLou ? Fix my boo-boo !
hug hug it could have been worse non --- a sharp tongue laugh laugh

We seem to have many would be mental---grin docs so why not a true blue medic laugh laugh
True red,
the lashing of a sharp tongue cuts deep wave

Where is LouLou ? Fix my boo-boo ! Where is LouLou ? Fix my boo-boo !
comfort comfort don,t cry non she will appear i am surehug
I was going to don my short nurse's uniform and jump in my car to attend to your every need

But you only want Lou, so you can feck off now snooty
Molly rolling on the floor laughing wow wow i thought he said fix his bo bo i thought it was new word for roll eyes and i thought he said low low and then my mind just twisted rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
hijack spam Where is LouLou? Fix Non's boo-boo! Where is LouLou? Fix Non's boo-boo! hijack spam
Molls.. shouldn't let that uniform go to waste.. from what I've seen on the blogs today there must be a lot of "burn" victims around that could use some medical assistance.. angel
Hiya Incu, burn victims? laugh
Oh come on you wily minx.. don't pretend you don't know.. conversing

Hope you've been well.. hug
I am doing fine, thanks Incu

I must learn to fall for bullsh1t artists and con men and pretend to care about them

Nah, that'll never happen grin
Molly in short nurse's uniform wow

Molly reunion

Baigggggggggggggg pointing
Mimi!!! reunion

Yes, I have legs under there grin
Haha.. happens to be one of your many qualities luv.. wink
Mimiiiiiiiiiiiii.. pointing

How're you doing smiley woman? hug
Yes, endless legs. Molly *envious*

Still smiling. Baig wink laugh grin

P.S When Art takes off his t-shirt, I smile even more! laugh laugh laugh
Mimi... Love it!! applause

Keep smiling.. bouquet
Yes Molly,
Its actually quite sore and could use a second opinion. professor

Do you have one of those little diddy watches love I love those
So glad you are on the march as well .
Me and Incu, We want LouLou laugh
And Mol-ly Too Too dancing
I know you only wear costumes for lucky Art head banger
But you can help out if you want hug
she's being banned. I think she got tired. who knows. I wonder why this member

keeps banning people all the timeconfused and this member all time around

w/o being banneddunno maybe this member owns 50% of CS?laugh
Nothing would surprise me on this site laugh

Sing with me
Where is LouLou ? Fix my boo-boo ! Where is LouLou ? Fix my boo-boo !
You can be our health officer,
Show up in your leotard and give us a good work out flex
Non... ooohhh a double date kinda thing.. I'm definitely in! grin
I have not seen Lou Lou since I have been back here.

Yes Nonsmoker I agree she is the cure, thumbs up
Game on bro thumbs up laugh
Non, uniform on, watch in hand

Now let's go practice safe sex cheering
Oh Yes Matron innocent

Are you going to check for heavy breathing wow
On a night like this, Non, heavy breathing would be an added welcome grin

Leave the windows open though, it's going to get steamy in there wink
If we open the window we might wake the neighbours grin
I always leave the window open

I've had no complaints yet snooty
Ok Nurse,
Will we start with my o*al conversing
Oooooh, I feel quite faint at the thought heart beating
And Nurse ,
remember don't mix up the Viagra with the sleeping pills laugh
Are you telling me you need chemical aid to be uprisen? blues
Non.. don't forget the cause my good man.. you started this for LouLou remember! professor

Molly.. you're coming with me.. I've got Leonard Cohen playing in the background.. dance
Ooooh, Incu, Leonard does add to the mood and ambiance alright smitten
Every top Athlete likes to have an edge. uh oh

tip hat

"PLAY NOW: Fish Balls"(meet us in the games)

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