Should i feel guilty!...

By the end of April...if all goes to plan...i'm off to my piece of paradise...
Its been a dream for a looong time now...and just want my adventure to begin!...

My kids have to up their game...stand on their own two feet...start smelling the roses...rolling on the floor laughing ...

My dog is coming..which is gonna make me public enemy number 1...uh oh ....

My guilt lies with the fact that i am leaving my Mum...
She is enough to cook and care for herself...but needs me to shop, and whatever else is needed....
The children will now have to muck in...take over this duty...

I just feel....i've done what i could for many years...and i want to 'do this'...smitten ..

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And where are you off to Kal?

Wherever you go..wish you all the best and that your dream eventually comes true applause
Jazz, you can't possibly leave your 91 year old mother to the mercy of your children. You must suspend your plans immediately and do your duty. I hope this answers your question and I'm glad to have been given the opportunity to show you where your priorities belong.
It's difficult when you have dependents or older relatives in your life.

The kids are older and are able to look after themselves. It's good to allow them to grow in self-sufficiency.

You are right to take the dog with you. It's your dog, and you would care better for it than anybody else would.

Do supermarkets not do deliveries there? Here, people can either order from home, more go to the store, but it will then be delivered for them which takes the physical aspect out of it, especially for older or incapacitated persons.
Dan....went last November to Fethiye...south turkey...just knew i had found exactly what i have been seeking...
A down payment on a property has been paid...and the legal stuff should be sorted in 4 weeks....

Will then drive over....
Jazz53 Mum has her sister here...friends and my oldest son is 23 and very good and reliable...
My mother's mother lived to be 100....i can't put my life on hold....
It's easy to say don't feel guilty because you will, go for it or you will sit in a retirement home regretting you didn't follow your dreams.
Woww...that's a big step..another culture...another language ...and what about the religion ?

Are properties cheaper there?

Tell me ..what attracted you there? Was it an intuitive decision.? Or...
Maybe someone..? wink
Emmy...i have to do this... I'm going stir crazy....been 30 years in Switzerland....
Dan...firstly.....fethiye is full of expats....thousands....
I want that english culture again...the banter...

I love the lifestyle there....and its half the cost of Spain....
A Man Dan....laugh ....

NO....scold ...

Went through that faze....i want independence and freedom...
Jazz, I know people who used to live in Turkey, and absolutely loved it.

Outside of the expat circle (which I'd hate laugh ), Turks are very welcoming and good people to live near.
Molly...i'm 20 mins outside a beautiful, working turkish village...with expats, living the dream..
I am on various FB sites....and they all love the lifestyle..

I have forests and mountains...slightly cooler temps...and the beach, bars etc...are not far off....

wine Enjoy Yourself!

PS. Keep In-contact With Family!
And Let Them Know Your Where About Also. Because Its Not Only About Them! And Its Not Only About Your Dream! It Is Also About Your Safety Too.......thumbs up
I imagine it would have been a tough decision to make, and there will be those that believe you are being a bit selfish considering you are leaving a mother in need who has no doubt made sacrifices for you over her life time. I do understand though how we need to chase our dreams at all costs sometimes otherwise they may never come to fruition.

I also have a sneaking suspicion your mother will be pleased you have an opportunity to pursue your dream.
No, I wouldn´t say you should ...they will sort it out! go Jazz!!!! gooooooooooooo. LIVE with the beach and sun you love that much applause
Happy for you.... wine
tut tut tut. You're Slacking off woman. Shame. Shame. They don't make em women like they used to back in my days. Shame.
Tokyo....she understands...she is with me on this....but of course i do feel guilty...

I may be only 54...but health is not garanteed..
Angel... My kids will love the holidays...
Crunia.. I feel that too. I need to do this...
Don't listen to them, Jazz. Your mother will never forgive you if you leave her behind. If you you must go, you have to take her with you.
Bloody hell Jazz thought you were thinking of a holiday of some sort wow
that's some change but better you make it than have someone make it for you.

As for feeling guilty, ah to hell with that .. if we always lived by such guilt we'd never live for ourselves, we'd only be existing for the sake of others ... enjoy and I do wish you well wine
Harbal... God i have tried....i even have a pool Perfect for her.. .and yes, she could do it...but says shes 91...dunno
Itchy.. Thankyou...i feel that too....

I'm counting the days...its agony....
Jazz, I've had a rethink. Forget about you frail old 91 year old mother and take me with you. I'll let you do my shopping for me if it helps your conscience.
Jazz ~ am really happy for you. You are nobodies fool and obviously did a lot of thinking and re thinking over this. You won't always be young and in the pink and your children will be gone one day so now is the time to 'go for it'. IF your mother has her sister and your son is reliable. then, no worries.

I've been to Turkey, I met alot of british and Irish. Turkish people are very kind and hospitable. The weather was not too hot. I am sure the place is beautiful. Could you arrange for one of those food companies to deliver the weeks dinners that you freeze. They do it over here. The Dinners are very nicely done with say, Roast beef, different Veg, and potatoes and desserts too. I think all countries have those companies.
Enjoy yourself Jazz, you deserve
Jazz NO, no reason to feel guilty your mom will be okay and has others to look out for her.
I am sure you will keep close contact with her and the other it is YOUR time wave
Jazz I Googled; "Moving to Turkey" A wealth of information you may like to read, very interesting wave
Harbal and tenner, you are POS! Jazz don't listen to these LOSERS!
Jazz, let a devil in, in that paradise sometimes. Make it more enjoyable.laugh
Yessssss!! Get ‘em shishas ready for MiMi!! shimmy shimmy shimmy
BC....lovely Lady...thankyou...kiss kiss
Gg....i did/and am still research...
Never wanted Turkey..cos i always went to the wrong areas...but Fethiye is very special..and cos of all the expats...loads and loads to do...
Jim....i know and i won't....rolling on the floor laughing
Bloody....maybe a possible honeymoon in Fethiye....grin are both more than welcome...
Mimi... on your next travels ......visit me after Biff ....cheering
Jazz Really really happy for you, you will enjoy, swimming, getting to know new and exciting fun people, it took a lot of guts and you've done it. peace
Gg....Biff, Z, nigel, molly, ish.....will not agree with me...rolling on the floor laughing ....(i looked into Spain...and its way more expensive than Turkey) wouldn't believe what i'm getting for my money....4 bedroom, 3 bathroom modern house...pool, jaguzzi..large garden...for the price of a 2 bedroom appt in Spain...or a garage in Switzerland....rolling on the floor laughing
Thats the pool house on the outside lifestyle...with my dogs!...

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