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Funniest ad an TV1109Feb 14Feb 1638 mins ago
Did you watch/listen to the Sate Of The Union speech?13911Feb 6Feb 7Feb 18
Onion Soup Mix12611Jan 31Jan 31Feb 17
Do You Recycle? Glass, Plastic, Paper, Metals etc?49336Jan 15Jan 1815 hrs ago
Trump sets his pants on fire.......again92944Sep 27Jan 13Feb 18
Trumps Tariffs and Gov shutdown is hurting Farmers21211Jan 10Jan 11Feb 17
A Golden opportunity was just offered to me52924Dec 24Jan 9Feb 17
Trump Administration most resembles what TV show?96667Dec 16Dec 22Feb 17
The face of America84241Jul 4Nov 1312 hrs ago
Should a Criminal or a person with a serious mental disorder be allowed to own a gun?1,23243Mar 2018Nov 10Feb 18
How Donald Trump is singlehandedly destroying the economies of the world73336Oct 9Oct 1316 hrs ago
Now I know how women feel at times31811Oct 5Oct 7Feb 18
Fred Trump, Don's daddy, was a MEGA tax Evader1,13749Oct 2Oct 48 hrs ago
Any Wall St players in here?28110Aug 29Sep 2Feb 11
Has the time come to invoke the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution?48316Aug 3Aug 2517 hrs ago
Music from World War 264324Mar 2018Aug 238 hrs ago
Fakes2759Aug 1Aug 2Feb 18
Russian Bots Linked To Viral Twitter Attacks On 'Hateful' Dems65429Jul 9Jul 149 hrs ago
Hey Wayne1,11849May 2018May 201817 hrs ago
Hey String, they're talking about your buddy76331Apr 2018Apr 2018Feb 18
The New York Daily News bestows an honorarium on Donald Trump1,02329Apr 2018Apr 201823 hrs ago
Republicans fleeing the House and Senate in record numbers1,38464Apr 2018Apr 20186 hrs ago
What is your Networth? Do you know how to calculate it?73820Apr 2018Apr 2018Feb 17
FAKEBOOK67722Mar 2018Apr 2018Feb 18
Trump just fired the first shot of the coming trade war with China1,56467Jan 2018Apr 201822 hrs ago
Mind numbing story of 20 YO girl who gouged her eyes out **WARNING Graphic**3265Mar 2018Mar 2018Feb 13
Just when you think it can't get any worse.2993Mar 2018Mar 2018Feb 12
Why make a thread and an identical blog?2464Mar 2018Mar 2018Feb 14
Democrat Conor Lamb wins election in Pennsylvania3189Mar 2018Mar 2018Feb 17
Russia smuggles 400 kg of flour into Moscow under diplomatic immunity40311Feb 2018Feb 20184 hrs ago
Report card for Trump on Manufacturing Job repatriation = FAIL1865Feb 2018Feb 2018Feb 18
Can't open CS with Chrome3649Feb 2018Feb 2018Feb 17
My new invention69424Feb 2018Feb 201812 hrs ago
I misplaced my Crayons.3065Jan 2018Jan 201821 hrs ago
Trumps tax cut for Corporations will gut our military47619Jan 2018Jan 2018Feb 17
Thank you China90237Jan 2018Jan 2018Feb 17
The GOP the Grand Old Party not so grand anymore.1,27263Dec 2017Dec 20178 hrs ago
Investing88047Nov 2017Dec 2017Feb 18
76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor is tomorrow December 7th a date which will live in infamy2132Dec 2017Dec 2017Feb 18
Roy Moore, A Well Respected Man?45225Dec 2017Dec 2017Feb 17
How much did Trump pay his personal lawyer, John Dowd to take the rap for that stupid tweet?2,16010Dec 2017Dec 201711 hrs ago
Heidi Klum in a Bikini3,294119Dec 2014Dec 20179 hrs ago

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