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Worst childhood memories1,41623Jul 2023Aug 202311 hrs ago
1 of my all time favorite songs "My Treasure" by the Aquatones2210Feb 2023Feb 2023Apr 19
School Days3321Dec 2022Dec 20224 hrs ago
Ear Worms56515Dec 2022Dec 2022Apr 16
Got Ladybugs in your house?2423Nov 2022Nov 2022Apr 19
The best R&B music on Earth2401Nov 2022Nov 20223 hrs ago
Anybody getting calls from Truist Bank?2351Sep 2022Sep 2022Apr 21
Finding a lost phone6007Aug 2022Aug 2022Apr 21
Ear Worms67011Jul 2022Jul 2022Apr 19
Do you own any stocks?51112Jul 2022Jul 2022Apr 18
My Pledge of Allegiance5277Jul 2022Jul 2022Apr 21
"Wonderfaith" Anybody recall this screenname?3240May 2022May 2022Apr 21
MAIN OFFICE48310Apr 2022Apr 2022Apr 18
65 year old music1,19533Jan 2021Sep 2021Apr 21
Hobbies, What's yours?2,87480Sep 2021Sep 2021Apr 19
Investing63614May 2021Jun 2021Apr 21
A very unhappy young boy62414Dec 2020Dec 2020Apr 9
Digging for musical gold.6885Aug 2020Nov 2020Apr 21
If you were suddenly and unexpectedly transported back to the stone age2,00535Jul 2020Aug 2020Apr 21
Rules for time travel58711Aug 2020Aug 2020Apr 21
Great songs that are almost unknown66711Jul 2020Jul 2020Apr 19
What's in a name?5342Jun 2020Jun 2020Apr 21
Trump sticks it where the Sun don't shine up in Michigan90717Mar 2020Apr 2020Apr 21
Unbelievable5811Mar 2020Mar 2020Apr 21
The most beautiful woman on CS2,61424Mar 2020Mar 20203 hrs ago
Some of the best Appalachian music ever made4651Mar 2020Mar 2020Apr 21
Guys, has a man of the cloth ever gotten a bit too "friendly" with you?98615Dec 2019Mar 2020Apr 11
Just when you think you've seen it all.5024Jan 2020Jan 2020Apr 18
Trumps wall that Mexico just built fell down52710Jan 2020Jan 2020Apr 16
A Better Mouse Trap56913Jan 2020Jan 2020Apr 19
The latest in scented candles4822Jan 2020Jan 2020Apr 21
Yogurt58110Jan 2020Jan 2020Apr 18
Cranberry Sauce69116Jan 2020Jan 2020Apr 21
I just got the latest Family Dollar store circular4393Dec 2019Dec 2019Apr 21
Trump may get his wish after all84014Nov 2019Nov 2019Apr 21
What a day!6209Nov 2019Nov 2019Apr 21
Jealousy1,99753Nov 2019Nov 2019Apr 22
Johnny Ace5204Nov 2019Nov 201913 hrs ago
The 10 best songs ever produced3,315106Sep 2019Oct 2019Apr 19
The middle class in the heart of the rust belt just got their pockets picked62212Aug 2019Aug 2019Apr 18
Question for Brits5405Aug 2019Aug 2019Apr 20
It pays to shop around4906Jul 2019Jul 20192 hrs ago

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