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Great songs that are almost unknown25211Jul 12Jul 1415 hrs ago
If you were suddenly and unexpectedly transported back to the stone age99742Jul 2Jul 12Aug 2
What's in a name?1742Jun 26Jun 2612 mins ago
Trump sticks it where the Sun don't shine up in Michigan57019Mar 30Apr 10Jul 25
Directv scam3556Mar 17Mar 20Jul 31
Unbelievable2733Mar 19Mar 19Aug 1
The most beautiful woman on CS1,93928Mar 6Mar 11Jul 30
Some of the best Appalachian music ever made1341Mar 6Mar 6Jul 29
Guys, has a man of the cloth ever gotten a bit too "friendly" with you?57025Dec 30Mar 3Jul 28
Just when you think you've seen it all.2184Jan 31Jan 3111 hrs ago
Trumps wall that Mexico just built fell down27615Jan 30Jan 30Jul 30
A Better Mouse Trap29113Jan 15Jan 1722 hrs ago
The latest in scented candles1843Jan 13Jan 13Aug 1
Yogurt28410Jan 11Jan 13Aug 2
Cranberry Sauce32316Jan 5Jan 7Jul 29
I just got the latest Family Dollar store circular1893Dec 21Dec 21Jul 29
Are you a devoted law abiding US tax payer?41919Dec 2019Dec 6Jul 28
Trump may get his wish after all45617Nov 2019Nov 2019Jul 30
Very educational article on scammer techniques1781Nov 2019Nov 2019Jul 28
What a day!29111Nov 2019Nov 2019Jul 31
Jealousy1,34873Nov 2019Nov 2019Aug 1
Johnny Ace2754Nov 2019Nov 2019Aug 2
The 10 best songs ever produced1,862107Sep 2019Oct 2019Aug 1
The middle class in the heart of the rust belt just got their pockets picked41215Aug 2019Aug 2019Jul 27
Question for Brits3276Aug 2019Aug 2019Jul 27
It pays to shop around28710Jul 2019Aug 2019Jul 31
Disappearing email3819Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 28
HELP46113Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 27
IN THE BEGINNING.....There was the Five Keys2377Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 30
Weird phone call65512Apr 2019Apr 20198 hrs ago
Further proof that Trump is insane2,494108Apr 2019Apr 201915 hrs ago
USA Meetup1,10716May 2010Mar 2019Jul 31
Onion Soup Mix38515Jan 2019Mar 2019Aug 2
The Awakening2838Mar 2019Mar 2019Jul 31
Funniest ad an TV2939Feb 2019Feb 2019Jul 29
Did you watch/listen to the Sate Of The Union speech?30911Feb 2019Feb 2019Aug 1
Do You Recycle? Glass, Plastic, Paper, Metals etc?72436Jan 2019Jan 2019Jul 29
Trump sets his pants on fire.......again1,36544Sep 2018Jan 2019Jul 31
Trumps Tariffs and Gov shutdown is hurting Farmers48811Jan 2019Jan 2019Jul 28
A Golden opportunity was just offered to me77424Dec 2018Jan 201918 hrs ago
Trump Administration most resembles what TV show?1,69967Dec 2018Dec 2018Jul 31
The face of America1,24441Jul 2018Nov 2018Jul 29

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