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Random thoughts4,19060Apr 2014Nov 2014Aug 15
What I miss...1,21410Dec 2013Dec 2013Aug 17
Vent, Vent and then Vent some more....grrrrrr1,0416Sep 2013Sep 2013Aug 17
Myth or Fact7018Apr 2012Apr 2012Aug 15
I love it when?4,94553Jan 2012Apr 2012Aug 14
I know that this site works but......8277Mar 2012Apr 2012Aug 19
Desiderata - Desired Things3,63735Dec 2011Apr 2012Aug 14
From the Hound Dawgs to Rockabilly7439Mar 2012Apr 2012Aug 18
Isn't it ironic?6908Mar 2012Mar 2012Aug 9
Pain Management2,10727Mar 2012Mar 2012Aug 20
Happy St. Paddy's Day Rockabilly7655Mar 2012Mar 2012Aug 19
Why do we fall in love?86515Dec 2011Dec 20113 hrs ago
Wedward's Word Association 30009,651573Feb 2011Jun 201148 mins ago
What music are you listening to on this fine night?6,772206Feb 2011May 201111 hrs ago
Let's Play1,23544Apr 2011May 20118 hrs ago
Ph...Ph...Ph ....phobias83617Apr 2011May 20119 hrs ago
5 p.m. dedications to our Rockabilly et al.4617Apr 2011Apr 2011Aug 14
Fight Club....Ok, ok, book club62613Mar 2011Apr 2011Aug 14
Do you ever wonder why sometimes?63515Mar 2011Apr 201115 hrs ago
Phoenix Rising Help Please3696Mar 2011Mar 2011Aug 18
If you could, would you39711Mar 2011Mar 2011Aug 19
Would you could you should you, really!3838Mar 2011Mar 2011Aug 17
Lent Participation 2011, Go on can do it...4849Mar 2011Mar 2011Aug 10
Customer Satisfaction?43410Feb 2011Mar 2011Aug 12
Nightmares1,19654Nov 2009Dec 2009Aug 16
NOOOOOOO!!!! Say it ain't so!!!84631Nov 2009Nov 2009Aug 18
Driving myself mad80234Nov 2009Nov 2009Aug 14
For our Jan61016Nov 2009Nov 200918 hrs ago
Doctors should be OUGS!62622Oct 2009Oct 2009Aug 13
I have an ouwee!! (and I can't spell)3,18030Oct 2009Oct 2009Aug 19
Dancing at last, dancing at last, great G__ almighty dancing at last39812Jul 2009Jul 2009Aug 19
How was your day?1,979100Jun 2009Jul 2009Aug 19
The rains1780Jul 2009Jul 2009Jul 10
Eating Disorders - the dirty quiet secret98245Jul 2009Jul 2009Aug 19
Report card procrastination, phonetic spelling and kisses1,6545Jul 2009Jul 2009Aug 17
Daring you to dance in your home like no one is watching59426Jun 2009Jun 2009Aug 7
Happy Father's Day1747Jun 2009Jun 2009Jul 25
Raising my glass to you tonight72423Jun 2009Jun 2009Aug 14
Paralyzing irrational fears a.k.a. stupid phobias1,27862Jun 2009Jun 2009Aug 19
Kiss57415Apr 2009Apr 2009Aug 16
Surrounded in a sea of electronics51820Apr 2009Apr 2009Aug 20
Missing You74625Apr 2009Apr 2009Aug 11

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