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~Behind A Thought~

The sound echoed as it lay still on free ride over air. My knuckles in white full clutch to the arms that stay on the chair. Heads full erect as my backs center lined with the wall a the room. Feet take my legs dug in toes hold the force, of adrenaline stream. Eyes paint the thought in the sit an the sight of the place that you are. Shiver in spine erupted the skin hair is on edge. A gasp an grasp as lungs are in flight midst heart pumpin red.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
Cheers all, it is what it is. :)

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Comments (8)

bentlee, sounds like you're talkin' about the houses of the us..right? ;-)
Lol good guy, it's fear visioned from the inside out, trying to depict how the body reacts to a fearful moment lol, cheers an ty for reading an commenting:)
HotrodLarrysonline today!
It was Interesting, to say the leastlaugh

sound like you were Dreaming, or getting ready for Halloween

But still a good write....

we will call it The Mystery Poem...wave

Lol see ur still hangin round this place too eh :) ty for reading, hope all's well.
pretty cool. like that slow motion feeling right before you slam into the oncoming 18-wheeler, yo. cool
Gashly, exactly that as I survived two bad accidents as a passenger years ago. Thats what it feels inside. Ty for adding your scenario :)
Fear grips us in different ways.....good description!bouquet
Thanks Ama, I really liked writin this one with a different perspective an think:)
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