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what your LOVE Meant To Me

Have you really found someone like the one you express in DISC?
How lucky you are,as I can only SCREAM,
Or are you LEGALLY looking for someone like Him?
You make me feel like I am that ROVER,
How many men would want to be the one their women confess like GEESE!!
I'll take sugar and cream with your cup of MEE,
If only it was meant for WE,.
If it was only HE!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
This poem was inspired by TattooQueen .
But I have also included a brand new way of expression in this poem.every capital word is a replacement of another word that sounds alike and has a different meaning completely,I strongly believe ENGLISH POETRY is evolving.I could be an idiot or genius whichever it leads was worth the effort made. If you think i'm correct about this ,i also offer the challenge to try this new style of writing which I call it Morgan's verse . Not sure if it has been written like this before ,what does a high school dropout know? Lack of knowledge ,not of trying ! Please I beg of you for your generous comment for my enlightenment! Also for those with poor english i've written down the correct word in sequence .they are
I thank you all for reading this humble intro .

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Comments (5)

Pls for give me ,major problem ,it's not in progress
Guys i'm having technical problem with this site,so I get Back with later to fix it ...also the title not a !it's WHAT YOUR LOVE MEANT TO ME-MORGAN'S VERSE CHALLENGE
This is the hardest poem I ever wrote in term of posting it as everytime I tried sending's shows blank! After so many times it's 3 /4 done .agony not seeing it posted correctly ..well leave it to HIM now.
to hard to understand just could not connect with it felt so meamingless well to me it did
Thanks tiswas1945 ,it is a bit queer for some and very very hard to compose so i'm ready for some worst comment or none.not one of my best but at least you came and comment ,and worth it for that alone.
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