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Paddling into Paradise (Soulgoddess' Challenge)

Full summer sun over water edges
Shove away kayak from shore at Mac's Bend
Down river past the towering sedges
A story about worlds that never end

Any splendor more worthy to relish
When nature appears right before your eyes
Is a wonderful life to embellish
Better than anything minds will devise

Such is red fox trotting down the shoreline
Hunting in search of some prey to come by
Fiercely two eyes a predator combine
With such cunning and skill can under lie

My kayak on the water drifting by
Will always simply give me the glad eye
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
I am fortunate to live in one of the most wildest and rural landscapes in America, teaming with abundent wildlife, so at any moment during my many sojourns into nature is found what I can only define as my Carpe Diem...that is simply to watch and 'enjoy nature'....

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Comments (7)

You captured the trill of nature clearly,back home here is the same climate but i would'nt call it my carpe diadem though...sublime sonnetapplause M.M
laugh I had to chuckle this is my kind of seizing truly in the nature of things. teddybear teddybear I saw that red foxgrin
Definitely a Carpe Diem..Nature to see her wonder every day is indeed to seize the day.. lovely sonnet Yankee and like Redex..saw the red fox.. thumbs up wine
Thanks for sharing applause
Hard to seize up the day unless one is out there...but more so if out there with nature. And yes you are so fortunate to have this in your backyard, figuratively speaking, because some folks have to for out loads of cash and cross the oceans in order to see what you enjoy daily! Enjoyed reading this a lot!cheers
Yankee4youonline today!
Just for grins I popped a photo of the red fox I am writing about in this poem into my profile. Is a very old growth forest on the sides of this river delta teeming with wildlife.
Wow, Yankee ....that's awesome...especially for me who has never seen one outside the zoo! Thank you for sharing, much appreciatedteddybear
heart wings heart wings heart wings
Thanks so much for sharing your Carpe Diem!
I'd love to visit that part of nature...must be lovely!
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