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The S Files

These are the continuing tales of the S Files
Case one oh one seven nine two two four oh oh
The mysterious disappearance of the single sock
'Stully, have you seen my other sock? The black one.
The one with the red ET on the side of it.'
'No Muldoon. Don't tell me the aliens have invaded.
They have invaded our secret of secrets, our
inner sanctum, our holy of hollies, our ....'
'Yes Stully, it seems they have and stolen my sock.'
{Background music - Dum -dee dum dum - plays loudly}
Why are aliens invading our earth and stealing
only one sock? Is there a race of one legged aliens
out there somewhere?Is there a more sinister reason?
'The answer is somewhere out there. I will not rest
until I find the answer.'

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Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
These are the stories from the S (sock) Files. These files are secret and kept from us by the government. I have risked my life to bring this to you.

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Comments (5)

laughSfiles doh Thanks for the laugh Steve,sorry about your sockslaugh that really sucksgrin M.M
lol it must be that in the galactic struggle between the whashamons and the evil drybe's they are secretly researching for the ultramitic stink bomb...elo... wave
Simply a great read and stress buster ! Keep it coming bro ...peace heart wings
The S-Files; did you mean Sock Files or Steve’s Files? Anyway, could it be possible that these aliens are not one-legged Steve?
It could be that they have mutated and grown another leg… a third leg. Since a couple of those legs will most likely be
wearing boots… the third… especially if it happens to be a tad shorter...will look more fashionable and warm in socks… …
dunno confused help conversing doh I enjoyed reading it!yay
Thank you Mustapha ... I'm sure that Stully and Muldoon will get to the bottom of this

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