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Questions I'D Like to Ask Death

Are you as bad as some make you out to be?
The grim reaper, cheater of destiny
Enemy to joy and peace
The one that of long life many cheat
Are you that unwelcome one that awaits?
To take your victims to another place
Bringer of anguish, grief and pain to Adams race
Do you know those that you embrace?
Men look on with distaste
Do you take your victims down below?
Where some say infernal fires glow
Or do you take them up to the sky above?
To that place of joy, peace and love
Surely some of your victims you could release
Instead of them forever keep
Could you not send someone to tell of their estate?
After they have passed through your gates
But then maybe you are a welcome guest
Taking men to their eternal rest
That ever blissful land
Where no pain or sorrow afflict man
Should one anticipate your coming and wait?
Dressed and ready to enter those pearly gates
Or will you come and snatch the unwary one?
Do you take joy in bringing grief to man?
Should you be greeted with exultation?
Knowing it’s graduation to higher station

Death do you know one day you too shall die?
Shall you like your victims weep and cry?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
A bit strange these thought came to me as I waited to fall asleep so I wrote them down

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Comments (8)

I don't know if it's strange for you to ponder on death, it's the one thing we all know will happen to us - the true 'leveller' if you will. It's a difficult concept for us to accept that we will no longer exist which is why I think people prefer to believe in some kind of a religion or at least an afterlife. But living is far harder than being dead and it is all we know for now. There is an author Terry Pratchett who writes books called the 'Discworld' series and one of the characters that comes into the stories time after time is 'Death' and for him it's 'Just a job', and 'Nothing personal' laugh if you're a reader and like humour you ought to pick one up if you haven't already. I like your poem, it's like reading some of your unguarded thoughts.

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Back in the beginning people could live for 1,000 years like Noah and Adam and Eve, but God decided that the world would soon be too crowded, so he made the age 120 years, this worked well up until 1850 when we passed 1 billion people. I am watching horror movies right now and I like the quote from Dawn of the Dead, "When hell is full, the dead will walk the earth."dancing danceline cats meow jackolantern
I find your comments rather interesting. They leave me with even more questions. I will stick to my christian beliefs. If I am wrong I lose nothing. If I am right I gain eternal rewards.
Even though I pose the question I have read of persons that claimed they had been dead and they claim to prefer where they were to here.
The dead and living walking the earth at the same time that should be interesting.
Great read..countless questions Id ask death myself ,ty very thought provoking drinking
I always find it most interesting that people can imagine 'death' being a person, we don't see 'life' as a person, yet death and life are two opposite states of being. To my mind thinking of our inimitable death is a thought that is universal.
An interesting write prenge
Thank you for reading. Interestingly the questions keep coming but I am convincing myself that death is actually something to welcome.
Perhaps that is because some of us see our body just as something we live in. Our life cannot be destroyed so all death does is free us to live in that other realm. peace
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