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Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord
So also is a lying tongue
Having either of these is wrong
For so it is written in the holy book
Baffled was I then by this matter
The ancients with their lips the Holy One did flatter
Hypocrites making vows and promises that were insincere
And the deserving punishment the Holy One did spare
He went ahead and heard their prayers
Lavishing upon them their heart’s desires
Knowing well they were stubborn and headstrong
And had no intention of repenting from their wrong
Surely the Holy One knew man’s lips did lie
It was because of trouble to him they cry
Did ever the Gods listen to man based on his own goodness
And not according to his and his sons righteousness
Shall the Most High man’s obedience gain
By inflicting and afflicting him with hardship and pain
Would he not rather have man the will of God understand
By lovingly and faithfully following his command
In the matter pertaining to man’s salvation
God have already provided the propitiation
Who shall tell if the Most High will not start the believing process
In those who though insincere with their mouth Jesus confess
Never forget the power of the words you say
By them you shall be judged one day
Seeing it is good that which a man may ask
Cannot God grants it in his own goodness to bask
Shall the Most high be confined to mans dimension
He who is master of a universe beyond man’s comprehension
Surely he is the God of boundless mercy and grace
Having a love beyond understanding for Adam’s fallen race
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
One of those baffling question was asked "If a man asked Jesus for salvation but was not sincere is he saved?"
I wrote this as I meditated on the question. I thought to file it with others that I did not share but then someone out there may have an insight into this question to share with me.

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