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Today it rained

Today it rained
What is so special about that you ask?
We laughed and cried tears of relief
Finally we will have a sembelance of normalcy to life

Today it rained
Finally an end to the misery
The heat, sweat and dust
Oh, how I look forward to a bath at last

Today it rained
And now the crops can be planted
The fields have been plowed and are waiting
There shall be an abundance of food

Today it rained
Yearnings and prayers answered
No more looking at the sky and wondering
When will end this misery and strain?

Today it rained
Sweet showers of rain
What can bring more Joy
Than sweet showers of rain
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2013
About this poem:
I visited an area where it had not rained for months

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Comments (6)

Hi, prenge,
Today it rained Yearnings and prayers answered. Thanks to the poet for sharing this image of life-giving rain in verse that asks and answers What is so special about that.
Thanks for reading. I realize it is only when the little things in life are missing that I sometimes realize their value.
Hi prenge

I have read your poem a few times now...each time I get a great sense of relief in your wonderful words.

Oh how I look forward to a bath at last

says it all really.

Just loved it...
Thank you for sharinghug angel wave
you make feel joy as I try to capture the feelings persons express as I move around.
Thanks for reading and commenting.
beautiful piece I enjoyed the rain thumbs up wine
thanks bro.
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